Final Fantasy XII Remake Teased at Distant Worlds Concert

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Final Fantasy XII, considered the best of the modern Final Fantasy games (by me), is getting an HD remake, according to statements backed up by the game’s composer. During a Q&A session at the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert – an orchestral event that showcases the best of the music from the entire Final Fantasy series – in Pittsburgh, PA, conductor Arnie Roth announced that Final Fantasy XII, the only Final Fantasy game that is not available on modern consoles, is being remade. Hitoshi Sakimoto, who was also in attendance, later confirmed Roth’s statement. Sakimoto was one of three composers for the original game.

Attendees of the concert began furiously tweeting the news as it happened:

But, as the Twitter account for fansite Final Fantasy Network points out:

It could be that the news is half-true: non-tech savvy musicians could instead be referring to an HD remaster of FFXII, much like the spit-and-polish given to Final Fantasy X recently.

Final Fantasy Network later tweeted a video of the announcement by Roth, which at least adds an element of legitimacy to the rumour:

It seems likely that something is happening with Final Fantasy XII. But is it a remake or a remaster? Which would you prefer?

Image courtesy of Final Fantasy Network.

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2 Comments on Final Fantasy XII Remake Teased at Distant Worlds Concert

  • Avatar Zippydsmlee says:

    Would not say that FF12 is all that great. The the skill system is broken and poorly thought out,equipment is watered down and weak, only one accessory sucks, limit breaks are more nonsensical than normal, story is weaker than FF9, Gambit system is decent and the the level design is great albeit for the the 3 or 4 spots loot chests generate at. At least I will play this unlike FF13 which I keep putting off.

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