Fight Jet Pack Penguins And Laser Sharks As Edge Of Space Hits Steam Early Access

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HandyMan Studios and Reverb Publishing have just launched their latest title Edge of Space (EoS) on Steam Early Access, joining a select group of Greenlight approved games now available for download. This sandbox survival-adventure game set in deep space gives gamers the opportunity to terraform the world, craft armor, weapons and vehicles, as they explore this wildly dangerous universe.

“It has been a long journey getting here, from Kickstarter to Greenlight, and now to Steam Early Access,” said Jacob Crane, Founder and one of the Lead Developers of HandyMan Studios. “Without the dev team and the community support the game would not be where it is today. We are both excited and scared out of our minds, but we’re ready to gain feedback so we can continue to grow and perfect the experience!”

Available at an on-sale Early Access price of $11.99 before pricing at $14.99 at launch, players who heed the call to ArkCo command early will receive “First Responder Armor” that grants bonuses to assist in those first waking moments after leaving the crashed space pod. Set in deep space, Edge of Space is an open-world, dynamically-generated sandbox survival-adventure game. Start with only a laser pick and the gear from the crashed pod, then immediately start collecting, as every piece of ore mined is valuable. Fight against an array of creative horrors including cybernetically-enhanced laser space sharks or vicious genetically-evolved polar bears – and those are not even the strangest monstrosities to encounter!

For more details head over to the official Steam product page.

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  • Avatar DrootheWanderer says:

    Perhaps you would like to update this article to better reflect the fact that you can only get the First Responder armor if you buy the $24.99 special edition.

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