FEZ II Canceled “I am done. I take the money and I run” Says Developer

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FEZ an independent puzzle game, originally was announced in 2007 by Phil Fish. Polytron Corporation headed up by Fish has announced the cancelation of FEZ II. FEZ was long waited before its release for Xbox 360, which wasn’t released until 2012, while PC users needed to wait until 2013 for release.

On the 27th of July, Phil Fish announced on Polytron Corporation official website the following

“FEZ II is cancelled.
I am done.
I take the money and i run.
this is as much as I can stomach.
this is isn’t the result of any one thing, but the end of a long, bloody campaign.

you win.”

Fish has not commented as to why he is leaving the gaming industry, but it could be likely that the reasoning is because of comments made about him from Angry Gamer Marcus Beer on a podcast from GameTrailers.

Video contains strong language [NSFW]


I don’t know why Fish has gotten into the gaming industry, but I seriously doubt it was to be praised, or even for the money. Fish has been able to produce a game, a game that is loved by many. But with all the love you get from something, you are sure to get some haters.

In 1 year Fez sold 200,000 copies for Xbox 360, selling for 800 Microsoft Points, roughly $10 each. Fez sold over 100,000 on Steam in just the first 48 hours of release.

Fish really needs a wake up call, someone put him back into the water, and show him what he got into the gaming industry for. If he started producing video games for the money, and since he is not making money he is going to leave. Good riddance. But, if he got into it to make quality video games, and for the fun, he really should stay. Buck up, and get back into the game.

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4 Comments on FEZ II Canceled “I am done. I take the money and I run” Says Developer

  • Avatar Toby Harding says:

    Fish is a pretentious hipster who has made a good game (all credit to him) and now has developed a maniical ego complex

    • Avatar Dermot Archie Mac Conville says:

      he didn’t even really make the game, he was the producer. he made none of the art, designs or hell, even any code.

  • Avatar Adam Henley says:

    “Good riddance”? Even if he got into making video games for the money, the product was Fez. If all Van Gogh had wanted was to make money would it matter if he had still painted those sunflowers?

    Secondly, it’s all well and good for Marcus Beer to rant and whine about Phil Fish being difficult/whiny..whatever…but is he going to pick up development of Fez II? Oh wait…no he isn’t because all he knows how to do is bitch and moan. Now we’re in the situation where the guy with the ball has gone home, taken his ball with him and we’re all standing around while the bully sits there looking smug. Great, but we actually wanted to play you giant douchebag.

  • Avatar WeActOnImpulse says:

    Shame, too. They could have been big if Phil wasn’t a pretentious ass

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