Fan Starts Petition for an HD SEGA Dreamcast

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Petitions used to be political tools as a show of strength by the proletariat, signing one’s name to a formal document in protest at, say, a local park being sold off to Barratt Homes. The age of the internet, though, has turned the humble petition into a medium for spoilt children to throw their toys out of the pram.

Do you want a sarcasm font on social media because the concept of the absurd flies over your head? Start a petition! Think that Taco Bell should give a minimum of two hot sauce packets with each meal? Petition away! Have an irrational hated of sporks? This is what petitions were made for! Want your favourite band, S Club 7, to reform? After all, there ain’t no party like an S Club party. You know what to do…

In that vein, Australian gamer Ben Plato has launched a petition for SEGA to release a Limited Edition, HD version of its Dreamcast console, because there is a massive void in the world that only such a box can fill.

“The new console should have a new but similar design, wifi, wireless controllers (4 maximum) 720p or 1080p HD upscaling and HDMI output, internal 500g Hard Drive and a GD-Rom drive,” Plato writes.

“The console should be able to play original Dreamcast GD-Roms and also have the ability to connect online to a Dreamcast Classics Store to purchase and download classic Dreamcast titles in digital form where it can be played directly from the Hard Drive,” he adds.

It should also have a cup holder, a picture of my favourite fictional dog (Snoopy, by the way), and tell me that I’m lovely every 30 minutes. Are you listening, SEGA?

The petition already has 19,273 signatories on

“By making the console made to order,” Plato asserts, “there is less risk of financial loss.”

Cue a second petition when SEGA releases its Limited Edition HD Dreamcast with Go-Faster Stripes for £2,000 in order to claw back the R&D costs of producing such a console for only 20,000 people.

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6 Comments on Fan Starts Petition for an HD SEGA Dreamcast

  • Avatar Cocksmith says:

    What an obnoxiously written article. What’s the matter Ashley, did your boyfriend pay more attention to his video game one day than to you?

    I can sort of see why… You’re a bit of a passive-aggressive bitch.

  • Avatar Astronema Silverfox says:

    Dreamcast was trash. Get over it and move on. Sega has the final word despite how many people petition this. If Sega wanted to continued to produce consoles, they wouldn’t have turned into a company that only produces games to multi-platforms. Hell in this generation of people today, people have probably forgotten what this poor disgrace of a console was.
    Bottom Line, leave something this crappy in the past.

  • Avatar Phil Williams II says:

    Well you sound like a stuck up douche. I’m friends with Ben. He’s a good guy and created this petition for positive reasons. I’ll be sure to never read a eTeknix article again.

    And to Silverfox. The petition got signed over 10k times. That’s just a small fraction of the fans who would love to see a DC2. The DC was a great console. People are still making games on it to this day.

  • Avatar Ever says:

    Whoever wrote this is an asshole.

  • Avatar Ryan Airth says:

    Petitions were hardly ever exclusive to be used as political tools and I don’t understand the attack on less political petitions by stating that it has become a medium for spoilt children.

    Petitions can be used to show that there is a demand for something without investors having to invest anything, similar to what KS can do. (eg: Shenmue)

    Plus, although I had a Dreamcast, I was too young and I had no games for it, just demos :'(
    So I wouldn’t mind an opportunity to get a new Dreamcast.

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