Fallout 4 Player Does the Almost Impossible Playthrough

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Fallout 4 is without a doubt one of the biggest games of the year and most people should know the basics of the game by now. Basically, it is very simple, survive in a post-apocalyptic world by any means necessary. Thate includes a fair amount of bloodshed and it is very difficult to take a peaceful approach to the game compared to earlier titles in the series such as Fallout 3 and New Vegas. But what is difficult becomes a challenge instead and a guy named Kyle Hinckley actually did it. He completed the game on Survival mode with a zero kill rating.

The previous games in the series offered more abilities for peaceful solutions such as just sneaking around enemies by picking locks and similar tasks. However, such features aren’t present in Fallout 4. The game is designed for mayhem and it wants you to create it. The game actually wants it so much that weird bugs will happen when you don’t follow the obvious and blood filled route. Still, Kyle managed to complete the game and has presented the entire playthrough to YouTube where you can watch the 37-part series on his channel called The Weirdist.

Kyle Hinkley gave an interview with Kotaku after his amazing completion where he talks about his experiences with the no-kill playthrough. Okay, it isn’t really a no-kill playthrough at all, but Kyle doesn’t do any of the killing himself. The game’s missions simply don’t allow for a pacifist playthrough, but Kyle did the next best thing. He achieved zero kill count himself including his companion, robots, turrets, legendary enemies, synths, etc. He got zero on it all as it is revealed in the last episode.

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The whole thing was a brute force approach to the game as it’s the only way to beat it this way. Save the game, try something and if it fails you’ll reload and try again until you succeed. Kyle also had to start over from scratch several times and spent quite a bit of time building random items in order to gain experience. Most experience point in Fallout 4 come from battle, of which he did none. Instead, he made NPCs attack each other or used his skills to calm everyone down where he could.

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For the most part, it worked great. But it also broke the game a few times. NPCs wouldn’t continue the dialogue, random enemies spawned where they shouldn’t, and the sound also started to bug around. The entire series is available for your to watch, but keep in mind that it contains most of the gameplay and therefore also possible spoilers for those who haven’t completed it yet.

“I’m a little disappointed in the lack of diplomatic solutions in this game, it’s a lonely departure from the rest of the Fallout series,” Hinckley said. “My version of pacifism isn’t really diplomatic, it’s more exploitative of the game mechanics to achieve a zero-kill record. In other [Fallout] games, you had a lot of alternatives for bypassing the combat, whether it was with sneaking, speech checks, or a back door opened with lockpicking and hacking. In fact, in previous games (at least 3 and NV), your companion kills didn’t count towards your record either.”

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