Facebook Messenger Games on their Way?

by - 5 years ago

Facebook’s attempt to make their social network and instant messenger separate entities has had mixed opinions. This divergence looks like it is about to be bolstered with the addition of games to the Messenger platform.

The Messenger has seen improvements such as emojis, gifs and sound-clips since the launch of the platform 2 months ago. Even though the introduction of games doesn’t have a definitive date, the additions could increase revenue quite significantly and draw more people to the platform. However, the more people that get drawn to playing games on the Messenger platform could take away from the Facebook games that are already popular and we could see a bizarre phenomenon of Messenger becoming the new Facebook.

Facebook’s executive Ilya Sukhar, the one in charge of Facebook Messenger, has confirmed that they are in talks with games developers for the platform, but has said nothing more about the matter.

There is also no word on whether or not the games will be downloadable by the Messenger app or just use it as communication between players.

Facebook opened up their Messenger service to third-parties back in march, and with developers slow to take advantage of this, the introduction of games may not gain traction, or even materialise in the first place.

Would you play games through Facebook Messenger? Or would more Saga’s just be too much to handle. Let us know in the comments below.

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