Evercool announce their new “Venti” CPU cooler

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Evercool products are starting to arrive more and more into the computer hardware markets of Europe and North America from their base in Asia. Evercool’s latest product, which they hope will appeal to the budget-minded enthusiast, is the “Venti” – a variation on the latin word “Ventus” which means “to blow”, let us hope that this product doesn’t blow (and that it isn’t a cup of coffee)!

Evercool have opted to give this CPU cooler four 6mm heat pipes which sits it in that mid range territory with the likes of the NZXT Respire T40, the Cooler Master Hyper 412 Slim and many many others. The provided fan does 800 to 2200 RPM via a PWM controller. Evercool are claiming 75 CFM of airflow at maximum fan speed.

The heatsink measures in at 68mm wide, 125mm long and 160mm in height – the standard height for most performance tower heatsinks these days. The Evercool Venti will support everything Intel from LGA 775 to LGA 2011 and everything AMD from AM2-AM3+ and FM2.

The product will weigh in at 588g, almost half the weight of their beastly Silent Shark CPU cooler which we have a review of coming soon – so watch out for that. Evercool stated that the pricing is currently to be announced because they are still finalising the first product batch.

Given Evercool’s normally very aggressive pricing strategy I would expect this CPU cooler to hit the UK market at a price point of about £27.50-£32.50, allowing it to undercut many of its competitors.

UPDATE: The Evercool Venti will cost $29.99/£20.99/€24.99

You can get more details here from the Evercool website product page.


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