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One of the more interesting booths here at Insomnia i48, at least in my opinion, is the Xtreme Gaming booth who are on offer promoting something a little different to the other exhibitors here at the show. Xtreme Gaming are based in Essex where they run the first dedicated Xbox 360 gaming center, which runs somewhat like a club / internet cafe, allowing gaming fans, friends and people who just want a good time to meet up, play some great games, get online and play competitively and use a lot of modern high specification equipment and peripherals, 32″ Samsung HDTV’s for each console and more, 7 days a week.


Here are the show they’re working closely with Mad Catz, who as you may know are one of the premium gaming brands on the market right now and they have one of the most extensive Xbox peripheral offerings on the market thanks to their Official Xbox 360 Steering Wheel, MLG Pro Controller as well as their Tritton headset range.


What use is a Mad Catz sponcership without Mad Catz peripherals on hand the enjoy? Xtreme Gaming ear well equipped in high spec controllers, racing rigs  fitted with wheels and racing seats, a huge array of HDTV’s and plenty of today’s most popular games up and running for all to try.


The racing rigs look fantastic and at every Insomnia event you can guarantee your going to be popular if you have a racing setup.


Mad Catz are fantastic products and we’ve given them some great reviews that reflect that over the last couple of years, but with quality tends to come a higher price tag and Xtreme Gaming have been on hand offering huge discounts on a range of products such as the MLG PRO, MMO7 and more. Every gamer loves a bargain on their peripherals, especially when at a lan gaming event where every penny saved is a penny you can put towards a beer.


A fine bit of booth decoration going on here too and while its non functional, obviously! It does grab your attention, big guns are cool, fact.

We’ve had a lot of fun hanging out on the Xtreme Gaming booth and why wouldn’t we? They have everything you could want at a lan gaming event, great products on display, a massive sale, lots of consoles with today’s latest games and best of all, you can sit down and play all you want for free, they’re obviously going the extra mile to promote their brand and judging by the number of people on their booth, I’d say its working nicely.

Check back later today where we will be bringing you even more coverage of the many booths here at Insomnia i48 as well as some video coverage of what we’ve seen here at the show.


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