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When it comes to impressive system builds, PC Specialist don’t disapoint, which is exactly why we stopped by their booth here at Insomnia i48, as the PC Specialist team were on hand displaying some epic system builds, running gaming competitions and letting you try out some of the products the produce.


Lets get straight to the good stuff, here we can see an ultra spec gaming system, the Vanquish TITAN PC fitted into the InWin Dragon Rider chassis, of course this isn’t your average budget build but its a great demonstration of the kind of systems PC Specialist can build for you.


the specification on the Vanquish TITAN PC are simply mind blowing and the performance is bound to blow anything else out of the water, with not one, not two, but THREE of the worlds fastest graphics cards, each of which alone retails as around £900, put simply, I want one.


Good things really can come in small packages and with just 11.6″ screen real estate, one can expect some serious gaming performance from the i7 CPU and GT 650M GPU, if you want to game on the move, you may want to stop by their booth and have a go on this amazing little system.


If portability isn’t a problem for you and your laptop, then how about a 17.3″ monster? Again this laptop is way more powerful than most peoples home desktops and this is a true desktop replacement, perfect for the pro gamer who needs to travel, or those who want a million FPS when playing solitaire.


On a more budget friendly, yet by no means lacking in power side of the PC Specialist range is the Vanquish GT1 PC. The GT1 is InWins brand new chassis and its the perfect house for a GTX 670 and i5-3570K.


The best thing (other than the Titan system) is the more obtainable side of the PC Specialist booth, where they’re letting you game on some more high end gaming systems or theirs, fitted in InWin GR-One chassis and various gaming challenges with a chance to win a big range of InWin products such as cases, PSUs and coolers.

Of course don’t forget that eTeknix and PC Specialist are currently holding a competition where you can win a high end gaming PC worth around £1000 which you can enter HERE.

While its hard to get an idea on how these systems perform, especially given that PC Specialist have a full range customization options for their systems, but we are looking forward to having some of their pre-built systems in for review soon and will be bringing you a detailed look at the builds, performance and of course their value for money.

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