Entire Skyrim Map Recreated in Unreal Engine 4

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Modding a game is one thing, it can be a demanding hobby that requires quite a lot of knowledge of a game’s engine and the ability to modify its assets, but porting an entire games world from one engine to another, that’s completely bonkers. However, that’s exactly what Polycount member DRIVEJUNKY95 has done and the end result is very impressive.

While many of you may not see this as impressive, it really is and it’s quite a complex and demanding job for one person to have undertaken. The motivation for it is unclear, but it does open up a lot of possibilities for the modding community. With so many games working with Unreal Engine, it’s going to be easy to use this map for other purposes; Unreal Tournament Skyrim map anyone?

“Focusing on the lighting at the moment but will do texture work along the way. I dove into the post processing settings and discovered stuff like LUT and the different DOF types which I tried tonight.” said DRIVEJUNKY95

The entire map is in place, but there’s still some work to be done to make it truly special. The creator is now working on bringing in improved textures and lighting to give it a big of a next-gen boost and I really can’t wait to see the results.





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4 Comments on Entire Skyrim Map Recreated in Unreal Engine 4

  • Avatar ZomBie says:

    uhm…. i hardly see any difference….

    • Avatar Shadowraix says:

      You obviously didn’t read the article or you would understand why there isn’t a huge impact. You can’t just chuck a map into UE4 and expect a differences. It takes tweaking, time, and effort which is stated that lighting and textures are still a WIP

    • Avatar Milky 69 says:

      i would say u havent played skyrim if u can’t see 🙂

  • Avatar praxis22 says:

    Looks like unmodded Riverwood to me, (which I see is what it is, having read TFA) the road needs some work, and the water looks terrible, but I guess he’ll get that with time. The buildings look good though. Shame you can’t port the engine too.

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