Enthusiast Builds Amazing Lego Gaming Computer

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Fans make all kinds of amazing things out of Lego, from scale statues to fully functioning mechanical models, but in a feat of custom case building that could rival the 3D printed PC, I present the Lego Gaming Computer.

Made from over 2200 pieces of real Lego, without any adhesives to hold it together, the Lego Gaming Computer is a top-of-the-line, from-scratch gaming machine optimized for cooling performance and touting a unique X-shaped design. Created by Lego-computer-building veteran Mike Schropp, the Lego Gaming Computer has some truly unique design decisions that allow it to apparently achieve the cooling levels able to rival water-cooled builds using only air.

Lego Gaming Computer

Of course, the typical computer definitely isn’t X-shaped, and as a result, Schropp had to adapt the mounting of the parts to fit the case. The highlights of this include a custom-made GPU heatsink and a transverse mounted motherboard that allows the airflow across the GPU and other components to be separated. All of this cooling is powered by 6 main Noctua fans, 3 at the bottom drawing in cool air and the top venting the warm air, with many other smaller fans belonging to each component. Even the PSU is a custom design, the base model being a humble Silverstone SFX 600W Gold, to which Schropp took a soldering iron and replaced the capacitors with Chemi-con Japanese caps. The PSU fan was not just replaced with an array of Sunon fans, but also moved to a different location, with new holes being drilled to accommodate it.


There is so much that could be said about this amazing build, but I recommend reading Schropp’s own detailed documentation of the build. Schropp’s dedication to the build really shines through across the thousands of words written and accompanied by a myriad of pictures displaying his creation. To top this off, Schropp plans to sell pre-built Lego Gaming Computers to meet a variety of specifications, with a build carrying a Core i5 and GTX 950 starting at around £1,100 and spiralling upwards with the various customizations on offer. I love to build my own PCs and take pride in my handiwork and cable management, but I think myself and many other avid builders our there may just have been put to shame.

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