Enermax Ostrog Limited Edition Mid-Tower Chassis Review

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today we take a look at the limited edition release of the wonderful Enermax Ostrog. I’ve always been a fan of this case so I’m happy to see Enermax haven’t given up on it yet. The product originally came to market about a year ago now and what better way to spark some new life into the range than to bring it out in a new colour, because it never hurts to have more choice when your on the market for a new chassis.

The big difference here is that the limited edition release is pink, not your typical colour choice for a limited edition and while I’m sure many won’t be interested in such a product, I bet there are plenty out there that will. Many will be thinking “ahh a case for girls” but nope, not really, lets not be stereotypical about the colour pink here, well not too much anyway!

The standard edition of the Ostrog comes in at just £45, a nice mid market price range and about in line with the competition when looking at specifications. The Limited Edition isn’t available at a lot of places just yet, but I wouldn’t expect to pay more than £50 for the pink model.

As you can see from the spec, the chassis has room for a reasonable amount of storage and cooling, more than enough for any mid to high end gaming system. The only thing that concerns me is that there is only one fan pre-installed, but we’ll take a look at that further in a few minutes.

ostrog spec

The packaging is neat and tidy, featuring three bright images of the chassis.


The back of the box has more detail on it, lots more pictures and a quick run down of some of the major features such as the CPU cooler support, USB 3.0 support and modular HDD bay.


In the box I found a pile of cable ties, user’s manual, a few screws for installing our PSU and motherboard and finally a small collection of HDD clip-on rail mounts.


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