Enermax Goodies Arrive for Insomnia i48

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Today has certainly started out to be an interesting one, with myself, Chris, Ryan and Peter starting to prepare for the latest Multiplay Insomnia event; i48.

For those who are unaware, we will be exhibiting with our own booth and in the process are teaming up with a variety of brands to promote their products to the UK gaming market. These include ADATA, AOC, Enermax, Gigabyte, Tt eSPORTS and XFX.

Enermax representative Benjamin Schäfer had the following to comment:

“By building up an individual system, you can achieve a much better gaming performance than choosing a ready-made setup. But many users are uncertain how to build up a quality and powerful PC rig. That’s why Enermax strongly supports eTeknix’s initiative at i48 to teach gamers how to select the right components and configure a strong system. Our products are dedicated to real enthusiasts, to users who want to get the most out of their hardware. Enermax stands for maximum performance, latest technology and first-class quality.”

We will be building three systems using components from all of the above manufacturers a FM2 based system, Z77 and X79 systems too. For this, we called into our sponsors for some parts to be sent, but I guess we didn’t realise when Enermax said we’d receive a lot of goodies, that it would actually involve a complete pallet load of chassis, power supplies, coolers and other promotional swag.


Insomnia i48 will run from 22nd to 25th March, so if you are attending, be sure to stop by our booth where we will be hosting competitions and showcasing overclocking classes and giving you the very best advice to get the most out of your system. We will also be working on conjunction with our friends over at Overclockers UK if you want to buy some new hardware for your rig.

Representative Mark Purdy from Overclockers UK had the following to say:

“Being our third Multiplay Iseries, we are starting to feel very at home during the events. Our popular hardware delivery to your seat scheme returns and including by popular demand delivery on the Sunday, so attendees can have peace of mind if they desperatly need new hardware, or if it’s upgrade day! After the exhibition hall has closed, the Overclockers UK team will continue gaming into the night as we are all hardcore gamers ourselves!”

Be sure to stop by and meet us and you may be lucky enough to walk away with some cool prizes.

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