Enermax DreamBass Genie Review

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As always, I try to split my conclusions into separate sections, so that you can get a clear understanding on my thoughts on every aspect of a product, from the styling to the performance and even mention a bit on who a certain type of product is aimed at.

So first up is the styling, as that is something I’m quite keen on with the DreamBass as it’s different from the norm and really does push the boundaries in terms of styling as it’s unlike anything else i’ve ever really seen on the market and doesn’t even look like an audio device, especially when it has a flashing blue LED. Couple all of that together, and it simply looks as though it is a transmitter of some kind, but maybe this is the look Enermax wanted to go for, and it simply works, so kudos on that issue.

Sticking with the styling, we were glad to see Enermax giving props to VIA by letting the consumer know exactly what is inside the DreamBass with a clear view of the matching colour PCB and VIA controller chip which simply allows the device to function. For consumers who trust VIA as a brand, this should be a big selling point, especially for the select few who have never heard of, or used any Enermax products before.

In terms of performance, we were very surprised to see such a small device deliver such a crisp, clear and vibrant sound utilising all levels of bass, mid-tones and treble and simply left us blown away as we honestly thought it was a gimmick, but as they say; the proof is in the pudding.

With this product being aimed at such a big market of users, from the general consumer to people on the go, and those in between, including a small niche market of pro audio enthusiasts, we can see this appealing to a lot larger market than Enermax may have first anticipated.

Also coming priced at just under £30 in the UK, we can see this being a great gift or present for someone and being a very useful product over a long timescale and something that when used once, you will find that listening to audio without it will seem drab, dreary and no where near as good as when using this device in conjunction.

Looking at how to award this, I was quite stuck as it ticks a lot of boxes in terms of the whole package. It has the innovation certainly, as there is nothing else on the market that is firstly styled like this and secondly just being unique as to what it does. It also packs some serious performance, considering how small it is and gives some crisp, clear, punchy sound that we didn’t think was possible from something of this nature and lastly it’s cheap as chips and that’s why we can only offer up one award and decided that it definitely deserves the “Editor’s Choice” award.

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