Enermax DreamBass Genie Review

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The packaging is certainly striking with a large picture of the unit in question. The product name takes precedence in the top left with a brief description of “Audio with Built-in Amplifier”. The main features are bulletpointed towards the bottom with the main selling points being made clear to the consumer.

The left side of the box gives a short summary on the DreamBass as well as the box contents and system requirements, which most users should find to be perfect for their needs with support for most Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems.

The opposite side of the packaging gives a run-down on the installation of the device from start to finish, as this device works on a “plug and play” USB dynamic and requires no extra configuration from the user, which is perfect for the novice user who has little to no technical knowledge.

The rear of the box is very multi-lingual with the main features being announced in eleven different languages.

Moving back to the front, you’ll find that the whole front panel flaps open to reveal a first glimpse of the device with added USB “L” connector, though we do feel that the space on the inside could have revealed some more information, including the types of users this item is aimed at, and its general usage.

Opening the packaging up there is not a lot inside, but what else would you expect from such a simple device? Included is a user’s manual which simply repeats what was on the packaging with a list of the package contents, system requirements, installation and connectivity options.

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