Enermax Debut NAXN Advanced Edition Power Supplies

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Enermax may be one of the smaller PSU OEMs out there to giants like Seasonic and FSP but they still do a great job at producing some of the best power supplies in the industry. Enermax’s latest product sees them introduce an updated version of the NAXN series, the NAXN Advanced Edition.  Like previous NAXN power supplies the NAXN Advanced features 80 PLUS Bronze certification for 82-88% efficiency between 20-100% load. However, Enermax have made a few major tweaks to improve their NAXN series.

Firstly, Enermax have opted for flat flexible black cables. This reduces the visual impact of multicoloured or poorly braided cables, but also reduces cable clutter and obstructs case airflow less.


Secondly Enermax have opted for Japanese Capacitors. These should allow the NAXN Advanced to have better performance compared to its NAXN predecessor.


In addition to that Enermax also equips a dual ball bearing fan with reduced air turbulence intake noise. The Enermax “Safe Guard” package of OVP, DV, UVP, OPP, SCP and SIP is also built into the unit. Enermax claim non-stop stable operation at 40 degrees ambient and it includes VAC 100-240V via active PFC for global usage.

Enermax even included a somewhat tongue-in-cheek advertising video that makes you want to cringe a bit.


Enermax say these will come in 350/450/550/650W capacities. Hopefully we will be able to get one of these in for review testing and show you its performance at some point in the near future. What are your thoughts on this new power supply series from Enermax?

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4 Comments on Enermax Debut NAXN Advanced Edition Power Supplies

  • Enermax definitely make decent PSU’s but they tend to be a bit pricey. Still, you can’t go wrong with them.

    • Avatar Ryan Martin says:

      It is because they don’t have the advantage of economies of scale like FSP Aurum and Seasonic do. They just can’t compete with companies that are so much bigger than them on price. However, I like to think they make up for this in other ways like customer service and overall build quality/ design.

      • That’s understandable but they’re also pretty difficult to obtain in some countries. Here in South Africa you see them pop up from time to time but once they’ve sold out It can be months before you see them again.

        • Avatar Ryan Martin says:

          ah yeh, well I know Enermax do tend to to focus on Europe and North America the most. They aren’t really a brand of global scope like Corsair. That would probably explain why their prices are so high in South Africa, as it is most likely European Channel imports.

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