Enermax Clarifies Which Of Its Power Supplies Support Haswell

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We brought you the news a few days ago that many power supplies could struggle to run Haswell when its new power saving state is enabled. For those of you who didn’t read that article it is recommended you read that first so that you understand, but the basic jist of it is this:

Haswell CPUs are introducing two new idle states – C6 and C7. C6 and C7 allow Haswell to drop its current to just 0.05 amps, compared to 0.5 amps on Ivy Bridge, this means 10X lower power consumption at idle. If your power supply is old, or cheap, then it may not be able to provide amps as low as 0.05 on the 12 volt rail. This is because entering the C6/C7 states could cause Under Voltage Protection (UVP) to be triggered or the power supply just might not be capable of delivering such a low amount of amps in a clean and stable way. On top of all this current power supply manufacturers don’t report minimum supported amps, only maximum, so it is impossible to tell whose power supplies will support what.

The last line is key, that we don’t know what manufacturers will have supporting power supplies. Enermax have been the first to step up to the mark and clarify whether their power supplies support Haswell. To enable the C6/C7 states power supplies need to be equipped with a DC to DC converter which enables the “ZERO load” design. This essentially enables power supplies to continue delivering clean and stable power at 0W load. Enermax claim all their power supplies since 2008 will support this new Haswell technology, the full list is as follows:

Platimax Series

  • Platimax 500W (EPM500AWT)
  • Platimax 600W (EPM600AWT)
  • Platimax 750W (EPM750AWT)
  • Platimax 850W (EPM850EWT)
  • Platimax 1000W (EPM1000EWT)
  • Platimax 1200W (EPM1200EWT)
  • Platimax 1500W (EPM1500EGT)

Revolution87+ Series

  • Revolution87+ 550W (ERV550AWT-G)
  • Revolution87+ 650W (ERV650AWT-G)
  • Revolution87+ 750W (ERV750AWT-G)
  • Revolution87+ 850W (ERV850EWT-G)
  • Revolution87+ 1000W (ERV1000EWT-G)

MaxRevo Series

  • MaxRevo 1200W (EMR1200EWT)
  • MaxRevo 1350W (EMR1350EWT)
  • MaxRevo 1500W (EMR1500EGT)

Triathlor Series and Triathlor FC

  • Triathlor 385W (ETA385AWT)
  • Triathlor 450W (ETA450AWT)
  • Triathlor 550W (ETA550AWT)

Modu87+ Series

  • Modu87+ 500W (EMG500AWT)
  • Modu87+ 600W (EMG600AWT)
  • Modu87+ 700W (EMG700AWT)
  • Modu87+ 800W (EMG800EWT)
  • Modu87+ 900W (EMG900EWT)

Pro87+ Series

  • Pro87+ 500W (EPG500AWT)
  • Pro87+ 600W (EPG600AWT)

Revolution85+ Series

  • Revolution85+ 850W (ERV850EWT)
  • Revolution85+ 920W (ERV920EWT)
  • Revolution85+ 950W (ERV950EWT)
  • Revolution85+ 1020W (ERV1020EWT)
  • Revolution85+ 1050W (ERV1050EWT)
  • Revolution85+ 1250W (ERV1250EGT)

Something Enermax doesn’t mention is that this means the following power supply series will not support Haswell C6/C7:

  • NAXN Basic
  • NAXN 82+
  • Pro82+ II
  • Modu82+ II
  • LibertyECO II
  • ErPRO80+
  • And any other older models not mentioned on their website.

What are your thoughts on Enermax’s compatibility list? Do you have an Enermax power supply that is on the list? Or do you have one that isn’t on the list and you are unhappy about it?

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  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    At least they are trying to helping out their customers.
    Very good move. +1 from my end for their effort.

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