Could this be the End of TV Leaks?

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Following the complete blunder at HBO for the massive leak of the first few episodes of the newest Game of Thrones series, it seems the procedure has changed.

Previously HBO sent out DVD copies of the upcoming part or full series to critics for review, but now they are going to start a streaming only policy. The new policy will apply to all of HBO’s programming, but it seems that the primary target is aimed towards preventing more blunders like last month’s Game of Thrones; which spoiled almost half of the season before the premier. The four leaked episodes spread like wildfire, with them being downloaded hundreds of thousands of times within a day. At the time of the leaks, HBO said the episodes were in fact leaked from a group on its approved list and that it was actively searching for the culprits.

“The first round of streaming review copies will start with the next batch of Veep episodes, which will be made available to critics through a secure streaming site. Switching to streaming for press access has become more common as the HD quality of streams has grown more reliable. Currently, ABC and FOX both exclusively use streaming.”

Now in a digital age, where effectively nothing is safe online; surely making access to the upcoming episodes digital will prove more vulnerable? If someone on the internet wants information, they will get it.

How do you think making the new episodes a stream only service will play out? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you to IGN for proving us with this information.

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6 Comments on Could this be the End of TV Leaks?

  • Avatar Steve Halliday says:

    we will get to see them quicker 🙂

  • Avatar Chris Choe says:

    I’m actually not sure what this will solve.
    Someone can easily use a capture card and grab streaming episodes too.
    This doesn’t really solve the problem.

    • Avatar WhenKittensATK says:

      They’ll most likely watermark it with that person’s login or name. So they are easily identifiable. It doesn’t really stop anything, it just makes it so people will be less likely to do it.

      • Avatar DABhand says:

        They already watermark review copies sent on physical media. You just encode a black bar or blur it out over that part of the video, and also the top 2 rows of pixels usually have an encoded binary string which is removed also during encoding.

        It is just a shame that kids these days don’t understand these TV shows are reliant on TV advertising during the show to keep the network afloat, sure some channels are paid by the consumer too, but TV advertising is worth a lot more than the customers combined.

        When the 4 episodes leaked that would have scared investors who advertise their products to pull out of planned slots and times, which results in drop of income and forces the network to sell the primetime slots for less to try and get some type of money.

        Sure people outside the US would probably download and watch the episodes previously, but North Americans would watch the show mostly rather than wait a few hours to download an encoded version of the episode.

      • Avatar Chris Choe says:

        If it’s watermarked like that, it’ll just be blotted out. They do this already with screener DVDs too.

        • Avatar WhenKittensATK says:

          Put watermarks over the entire screen. I’m not sure many people will watch it with it being plastered with burred squares. There are a few beta testing sites that do that.

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