Element Gaming Beryllium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Element Gaming Beryllium Keyboard Mechanical Featured

You don’t have to look very far these days to find a great gaming keyboard, or even just a keyboard for day-to-day work, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for even more! Element Gaming is a relatively new playing in the gaming market, but they’re quickly making a name for themselves thanks to their cool designs, competitive prices and robust build quality. We’ve only seen two Element Gaming products here at eTeknix, the Hyperion Micro-ATX chassis and the Atomic Mini-ITX chassis, although both scored very well in their respective reviews. After two chassis reviews, I’m certainly eager to see what they have to offer to the world of gaming peripherals.

The Beryllium comes pretty well equipped, with a full-size layout, Kailh mechanical switches, a detachable wrist rest, multimedia controls, multi-pattern blue LED lighting, some custom key-caps for gaming keys and more! So let’s get stuck right in and take a much closer look at what Element Gaming and their Beryllium keyboard have to offer!

The first thing you’ll find in the box, the instruction manual, handy for checking how to control the LED lighting, but otherwise it’s just a keyboard and fairly self explanatory.


There’s a full-width detachable wrist rest.


What I really like, is that the wrist rest features a smooth, yet grippy texture coating, giving it a luxurious and premium feel.


Two rubber grips on the base help prevent it, and your keyboard, from sliding around your desk.


And it’s mounting system is nice and easy to attach and remove without much risk of damaging the keyboard.


Not content with those extras? You’ll also find a very handy key-cap removal tool, handy for maintaining your keyboard.


The tool is also handy for removing the stock key-caps and installing these fetching custom ones! The blue of the key-caps matches the trim of the keyboard, as you’ll see in a moment.



A Closer Look

The Beryllium comes hard-wired with a thick USB cable.


The cable has a thick black and blue braiding which matches the colour scheme of the keyboard, keeping everything looking nice and uniform, while also improving the durability of the cable.


As I said before, this is a full-size keyboard, but unlike a lot of mechanical keyboards, the chassis of the keyboard is quite slim, meaning it’s not going to be too overbearing on your available desk space.


Under the keys, you’ll find a black brushed metal finish that looks absolutely stunning. The metal finish is accented with a bright blue casing that covers the base and sides of the keyboard, giving a nice contrasting effect, which also matches up with the custom key caps and the cable braiding.


As you can see, that blue really stands out, although admittedly my camera flash does make it look a little more luminous than it actually is. There are four rubber feet on the base of the keyboard, not the biggest, but combined with the weight of the keyboard, it feels surprisingly well planted on wood and glass desktop surfaces; don’t forget there are two more grips on the wrist rest, which also help.


The flip-up feet are pretty standard, but durable enough to withstand a bit of punishment; I’ve seen better, I’ve certainly seen worse.


Right, on to the cool stuff! This keyboard comes equipped with Kailh Red switches, if you’ve never heard of Kailh, they’re basically an alternative brand to Cherry. The Red’s here feel a little heavier than Cherry MX Red, but certainly nowhere near as heavy as MX Blacks.


The keys are fast and responsive, making them superb for gaming and those who have a lot of typing to do on a day-to-day basis, as it doesn’t fatigue your fingers as much as some membrane keyboards do. To boost productivity, you’ll also find a range of FN-shift accessible shortcuts, there’s pretty standard stuff, but handy to have.


Multimedia controls are here too, meaning you can skip music tracks from your media player without having to quit out of your game, or tab away from your work.


More shortcuts here, although the F12 one is interesting, as it allows you to change through the keyboards lighting profiles.


The Insert and Delete keys also have an FN-shift function, allowing you to switch between 6Key and NKey rollover, handy for all of those who take the technical side of their gaming a little more seriously.


The spacing on the keys is really nice and even without the wrist rest, this is a very comfortable keyboard to work and game on. The Up and Down keys also have FN-Shift functions, allowing you to adjust the brightness of the LED lighting, including turning it all the way down to zero.


There’s a full-size number pad, which is great for work and gaming alike, but the coolest thing over here is the master volume control.


The volume wheel is coated with a thick textured rubber and is great for making quick volume adjustments; there’s also a master mute button here for when you need to quickly kill the audio.


The included key-cap removal tool came in handy here, allowing me to take a look at the switches. As I said before, they’re Kailh switches and you can see the LED lights located at the back of each switch.


The custom key-caps that were included in the box look fantastic and while I touch type and don’t really need the visual indication of where my gaming keys are, I still enjoy leaving these installed regardless; it looks cool, that’s about all they do.


The final addition to this setup is the wrist rest, which does increase the desk space required quite a lot, so may not be suitable for slimmer desk spaces, but the bonus is that it’s incredibly comfortable to use. When working and gaming, I found the elevated typing angle helped reduced wrist strain quite a big and it’s deep enough that you can rest your palm on it; I’ve seen many rests on keyboards that are simply too small to be of any use.


As I’ve already said, gaming on this keyboard is a lot of fun. It feels snappy and responsive when typing and I didn’t have a single issue with responsiveness during many games of League of Legends, ESO, CS:GO or anything else I played throughout the last few evenings. I’ve been using this keyboard for work for a few days now too and I’m certainly impressed with how it feels, but also how quiet the keys are compared to virtually any other mechanical I’ve tested in recent memory.

The LED lighting is staggeringly clear, even in a well-lit room and while you’ve only got a single colour to choose from, you can enjoy a few pre-set zones, or reactive lighting effects.






Final Thoughts


Element Gaming suggests this keyboard to be priced at £79.99, which I think is very good value for a full-size, LED lit mechanical keyboard. However, the really great news is that you can actually get it for £59.99 from eBuyer and I’ll be damned if you can find a better keyboard for less!


The Element Gaming Beryllium keyboard has certainly won me over today, it’s a fantastic product for an even more fantastic price. Is it perfect? Certainly not, it has its minor faults just like anything else in the world, but they’re easily brushed aside given the retail price. The kickstands are standard, I typically like to see more durable ones fitted to heavier mechanical keyboards. The Kailh switches are very good, and I personally like them, but I know there are a few mechanical keyboard enthusiasts who would shudder at the thought of using them, even if I can’t figure out why. There is no windows key lock function either, I’ve literally never, ever, needed this in my life, but I know it’s something that a lot of gamers do use.

Minor issues aside, the Beryllium does get a lot of things right that make it worth owning. Little details such as the thick braided cable; it looks great and it improves durability. There are FN-shift multimedia controls, not as great as dedicated keys, but certainly better than nothing, with the added bonus of that master volume scroll wheel in the top right corner. There’s some really clear and uniformly lit LED lighting, with a few zone effects that certainly adds to the visual appeal, as do the extra custom key caps that match the blue trim on the edges and base of the keyboard. The switches are mechanical and perform great for work and gaming. There’s a great looking and very comfortable to use wrist rest too and that’s always a nice thing to have, but can also be removed should you not need it. Finally, we have the price, that’s a hell of a lot of keyboard and features for such a wallet-friendly price; you’re going to have a hard time finding a better price to spec ratio than this.

Build quality is very good overall and is enhanced both physically and visually with that brushed metal top panel. Design is always a subjective matter, but I think it looks stunning, especially with the extra blue trim, LED lighting and key-caps.


  • Great build quality
  • Good range of features
  • Stylish black/blue design
  • LED lighting
  • Braided cable
  • Wrist rest included
  • Multimedia controls
  • Quiet keys (for a mechanical keyboard)


  • No Windows lock mode
  • Kickstands could be thicker

“Element Gaming are quickly proving why there a brand worth looking out for. Their new mechanical keyboard is packed full of features and build quality that would make you proud to own and use one, at a price that’ll have you bragging to your friends.”

Element Gaming Beryllium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Element Gaming Beryllium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Thank you Element Gaming for providing us with this sample.

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