EA Says Origin Isn’t Designed To Compete With Steam

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EA’s COO Peter Moore recently conducted an interview with the publication Games Industry International revealing interesting things about EA’s thought process with Origin. Firstly, he claims that Origin is not designed to compete with Steam because Origin operates a different business model:

“They have a great catalog of games. It’s got a broader catalog than we do, and a different focus on the business model than we have. We didn’t go into business to compete with Steam. We went into business because we saw the future being direct-to-consumer.”

Origin has struggled to compete with Steam of late, relying on things like the “On The House” program to lure PC gamers in with the offer of free games. Origin also offers gamers the “Great Game Guarantee” which allows gamers to get a full refund within 24 hours of their purchase if they are not happy with the game. Yet despite EA’s best efforts Steam still remains more popular.

Peter Moore also believes that EA doesn’t get enough recognition for supporting the PC platform for gaming:

“We’ve been making games for the PC platform before Gabe Newell was graduating high school. And we’ve been the number one publisher forever, and have been the one developer/publisher that has supported the PC platform even more than Microsoft over the years. Yeah, you may say that’s a low bar, but that’s who we are, and our roots.”

I think it’s fair to say EA has a poor reputation when it comes to PC gaming, despite their best interests to convince the public otherwise. The below video is still one of my favourite “EA/Origin” summaries, what are your thoughts on EA and Origin’s role in PC Gaming?


Source: GamesIndustry.biz

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7 Comments on EA Says Origin Isn’t Designed To Compete With Steam

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    EA and Origin have a role in PC gaming? And what role is that? All EA does is release half baked buggy games at full price that can’t be played until you’ve paid for and downloaded the rest of the expensive 100 or so DLC’s after which you’ll find the authentication and game servers down. Finally when you’re lucky enough to play you’re then expected to use real currency in game to purchase whatever mods you need to play the game. C’mon EA gimme a break.instead of just trying to break my bank balance.
    I avoid their games like the plague.

  • Avatar Flynn Greenberg says:

    Tbh i use origin a lot have had no problems what so ever,as for dlc and micro transaction that is not limited to Ea ,i find them annoying,

  • Avatar George Hillier says:

    I don’t really care about using Origin, neither uplay, the thing that annoys me is that Origin blatantly exists just to charge higher prices and not have to participate in steam sales. I’ve never had a great deal from origin, because their sales bring games less than a year old to around £22.50 as they only go to half price and their starting price is £45.

  • Avatar Sky says:

    They get too much stick for Origin. Why the hell should they have to pay a pretty significant amount to sell games on steam when they have the means to do it themselves. Everyone whinging that this is greedy, it isn’t, it is standard business practice. If you ran a business would you like to be paying 20% of your profits to someone else?

    • Avatar Yeowie says:

      I’d pay 20% of my profits if it meant I’d be tripling my consumer base by putting it on a much friendlier platform. Without a single doubt. While I have no idea if BF4 would sell three times as much if it were on Steam, I could almost guarantee its sales on Steam would more than compensate for the lost 20% which went to Valve.

  • Avatar Alistair Hardy says:

    My issues with EA and Origin is how forced it is.
    Steam was great as it meant we had a centralised place for our games. less bloatware running on our PC’s.
    It’s also nice to use, easy on the eyes and has never really failed me.
    Origin was horrid to use in comparison. clunky design and forced onto us with BF3.
    I haven’t used it for a while but last time i used it, it acutally still had my BF3 Beta available to download…
    My issue with EA is just the way EA operates. Realses over priced, buggy games that would send any other company under. They force things onto their customers.
    I used to take pride in BF because it made more of an effort against the rince wash repete of COD, now that’s not the case and it’s just as bad.

    Also, his comment implying they should get more respect for what they’ve done for gaming. sure, fine, they’ve published some great games. MOHAA and BF2 come to mind. but it’s the current that matters. and for the last 10 years, they’ve been wittling away their loyalty base.

    EA, to this day, seem oblivios to why people dislike them.

  • Avatar lol1996 says:

    I personally dislike Ubisoft and Uplay more

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