EA Confirms Battlefield 5 Release Window

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Battlefield 5

Battlefield fans will be happy to know that EA has plans for the installment of the franchise. According to a statement given out by EA, the next Battlefield title from DICE will launch in time to be sold during the holiday season later this year. Following up Battlefield 5 will be Titanfall 2 from Respawn and Mass Effect: Andromeda from BioWare either in late 2016 or early 2017. In the interim, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and a number of EA Sports titles will fill in the year.

Unfortunately for those looking for a new Battlefield title set during either World War 2 or the Cold War, Battlefield 5 will once again be a modern shooter. This is the latest in a long line of titles since Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in 2010 which have focused on modern warfare. Honestly, the modern warfare setting has gotten a bit stale and repetitive so hopefully, the next installment will show a return to their roots.

The full EA statement follows:

“In Q1, we’ll begin with the creative and innovative Mirror’s Edge Catalyst from DICE launching in May. A great line-up of EA Sports titles are in development for next year, and we look forward to sharing more about these new experiences in the months ahead. An all-new Battlefield game from DICE will arrive in time for the holidays, we’re excited to have a new Titanfall experience coming from our friends at Respawn – and of course, Mass Effect Andromeda from the team at BioWare will launch later in the fiscal year.”

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15 Comments on EA Confirms Battlefield 5 Release Window

  • Avatar Curtis Corse says:

    Let’s hope that BF5’s launch is nothing like BF4.

    • Avatar Notofthiswar says:

      Why you talking about only the launch of Bf4? The state of BF4 at this very moment is still garbage so what you really want to say is lets hope it is nothing like battlefield 4, and lets hope they have the netcode right along with no other game breaking issues that bf4 is still dealing with

      • Avatar Airburst Demigod says:

        Still garbage? Not really. Launch was absolutely fucked and it was garbage for entire 2014 and big part of 2015, but in 2016 the game is better than ever thanks to huge amount of work done by DICE LA. Massively more popular than BF3. And complaints about netcode aren’t really valid anymore, in fact BF4 has better netcode at the moment than most if any FPS games. Update your info buddy, repeating the same mantra, which was true for so long isn’t valid anymore.

        Hopefully it not being WW2 turns out to be wrong. Since vast majority of playerbase was rooting for it.

        • Avatar Notofthiswar says:

          I fail to see where it has improved. Also csgo offers 100 tick rate BTW. But seriously I see no difference I’ve played on a 30hz and 60hz server ( once I finally found one) and I still ran into the issue of shooting people with a rocket and then living, I still notice that some of my bullets are not registering. So I’m sorry but I fail to see where the games fixed. Besides that i don’t think they learn from their mistakes and I can 200% guarantee bf5 will be trash to

          • Avatar Airburst Demigod says:

            Everything? No more crashes, no more game breaking bugs, weapon balance has improved, Battlefield 4 is by far most popular Battlefield at the moment, crushing both Hardline and BF3 (and Battlefront too). Look up statistics from steamcharts and such, you’d be surprised how many people have come back to BF4 when it’s now fixed.

            And why people compare CS:GO (static maps, minimal effects, 5v5, no vehicles, no destruction, no waves that need to be synced) to something like Battlefield? Seems you have no idea how netcode and servers work & how much more moving data & server-player-server communication is involved with games like Battlefield or R6 Siege compared to simple potato game like CS:GO.

            Technical achievements making Battlefield 4 as solid as it’s now, are tons more complex and advanced, than anything in CS:GO. People who made the netcode for Counter-Strike (Valve/Hidden Path) would shit their pants, if they would need to tackle a job that DICE LA succeeded with in Battlefield 4. Battlefield is now benchmark for netcode (however it’s quite ironic, regarding the past). DICE LA has more know-how on netcode now than anyone in the gaming business. It’s just far more complex and demanding stuff, with 64 players and all that going on in MP games, compared to CS:GO the comparison is really retarded. Of course someone could make online version of Atari 1972 game “Pong”, and it would have solid netcode and perfect hitreg. But what the fuck that has to do with anything? The simpler the game, the easier it is to make hitreg and netcode solid. Stop comparing a dated, simple game with modern, complicated games.

            And official servers in CS:GO are 60 Hz, the only ones that go past that are unofficial. CS:GO is simple game that runs on old machines, has been around for long (and boy what a mess it was when it was launched, a buggy piece of shit, but nobody seems to remember) and thus has a big competitive scene now, but in 10 years from now nobody will settle for game that looks as bad as it does, and is simple as it is.

            Rainbow Six Siege might become next CS:GO, it’s a modern take on the matter. CS:GO won’t last forever, to me it has been always boring game, based on twitch reactions. And future games will have more complicated gamepay, more data communicated between server/player, and bigger challenges from technical standpoint.

          • Avatar Notofthiswar says:

            Crashing issues vanished after a month or 2, I never seen much of anything wrong with the weapons in the game other then shotguns, But you wont like my take on shotguns as it is anyway but in most all Battlefield games they make them overpowered.
            Anyway Hardline was garbage and so was battlefield 3 so why wouldn’t it be beating them both? Hardline should have been just a dlc and thats it. Do I understand netcoding and such no, Im not in a study to learn about it and I know its hard to get down right. But Bullets not registering is as game breaking as you can possibly get and as I said I still notice it. And honestly games shouldn’t be going further up in graphics if they are unable to handle everything they need to. Would you like me to compare it to a game more alike it? Like Planetside 2 which is a free to play game with tons more people on a server in battles way more then Battlefield could ever imagine and way more vehicles with weather effects alll able to have an almost flawless netcode……a free to play game beats a Triple A title.

            By the way no matter what the hell you say I still see hit registry issues in this game an for me that is game breaking enough for me not to play it and to call it shit, That is why Call of duty is shit as well plus on top of there game they have almost no recoil. Peer to peer hosted BS

          • Avatar Airburst Demigod says:

            For long time Battlefield 3 was considered to be better than 4. Now it’s changing, BF4 has more (about 6-7 times more) daily players. Crashing issues didn’t vanish after 2 months, I know plenty of people who crashed regularly still in early 2015. People with decent machines, certain hardware combinations caused problems. Now they are finally fixed for all.

            Sketchy stuff in MP can be related to many other things than the game itself. Bad connection on some player, packet loss, problems with server provider (3rd party server providers can have a lot of problems with their tech, nothing to do with EA or DICE, I know since I’ve administrated 6 Battlefield servers) and as I said Battlefield 4 is more complicated game than CS:GO so there is bound to be more issues. DICE CEO openly admitted this when BF4 was about to be released, they said a game of this scale of events in rounds + 64 players will never have perfect hitreg. I have over 2000 hours in Battlefield 4, times I lose a gunfight these days because of bullets going around the corner are extremely rare, if non-existent. It’s really way way better than before, on 60 Hz servers at least.

            Battlefield 5 might be shit, but if they are smart they transfer the know-how they gained from CTE and problems of BF4 into BF5. FrostBite engine has been around for long, should be less problems. I don’t like some gameplay elements in BF4 like UCAV or Airburst but overall it’s a solid game now, and chances are BF5 won’t be such a failure as BF4 launch was. Won’t say it isn’t possible, I won’t pre-order, but I’m fairly confident they won’t fuck up as badly this time.

  • Avatar Wayne O'regan says:

    I for one won’t be rushing out to buy another BF game, no focus on teamplay, it’s all about the individual scoring, and entice the simpletons with tons of weapon features, who cares they need to go back to basics limit the amount of weaponry you can get, make people work for upgrades, remove perks, make it a level playing field. REMOVE MICROTRANSACTIONS.

    • Avatar Airburst Demigod says:

      On public servers teamplay is impossible. Game like Rainbow Six: Siege which is entirely built around teamplay, has no teamplay. Unless it’s your friends. In Battlefield you can make it work around a squad (when they are your friends) but entire team of 32? Not a chance.

      • Avatar Wayne O'regan says:

        I Agree but in all honesty there’s not really many fps games out there that really focuses on rewarding teamplay it’s about who is top of the leaderboard and who has the best perks.

  • Avatar Mr Savage says:

    those that prebuy, will get what they deserve, remember the bf4 launch? worst in history of gaming. then there was the fiasco called battlefront…the biggest joke of a game, ever. EA’s track record just goes from bad to worse…not that it was ever ‘good’…

    • Avatar ka7al says:

      i can understand why people didn’t like BF4 at launch or why people didn’t like the contet in batlefront,but call that shit the worst in history of gaming is stupid, were you born in 2013 or what

    • Avatar Dragos Popescu says:

      Then, there’s Hardline. You might’ve forgoten about it, cause everyone kinda did.

    • Avatar Zetsubou says:

      1 guy didn’t make difference
      just like me who hate Hardline

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