E-Blue Mazer Type-R Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse Review

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Today we’ll be taking a look at the new Mazer Type-R Wireless from E-Blue. While you may not have heard of E-Blue, they’re one of the quickest growing names in the business right now, having expanded into more global markets each year since they started back in 1999. Right now, E-Blue is working on opening around 600 eSports cafes in China, are sponsors of the well-known EDG Gaming League of Legends champions, and so much more.

“Our mission is to bring stylish, trendy and high-quality products to the worldwide end-users. We believe that there are many good products in the market but they are in unreasonable price to the end-user and also there exist many low-graded of products with bad quality and in low price to a big group of user. But these two types are not the most desired and demanded to the customers. They desire the products more trendy, under reasonable price and good quality with high durability. This is how e-blue insist to keep such principle as the main mission.” – E-Blue

While they do offer up a few high-end peripherals, their core market is getting good specification hardware into gamers hands at a price that is very affordable. There’s a very competitive market right now for affordable gaming and I’m sure many of you will agree, we don’t all have £100+ for a new keyboard or gaming mouse.

Equipped with an Avago optical sensor, capable of 500/1200/1800/2500 DPI, wireless technology (via USB dongle), and a stylish design, the Type-R certainly seems interesting. As with any other E-Blue product we’ve ever seen, its also exceptionally well packaged and the box gives us a great look at the actual mouse design.


Around the back, a quick rundown of some more technical details, such as mac/PC compatibility and battery requirements (2 x AA).


In the box, you’ll find the Type-R mouse, obviously, as well as the wireless USB dongle, which is nice and compact, two batteries, and the user manual.



A Closer Look

The Type-R certainly looks great, and uses what E-Blue call the “ergonomic aircraft wing design.” The wing shape is great, as it provides a comfortable resting spot for your thumb while keeping them in easy reach of those two side buttons.


There’s a few bits of clear plastic down the edges of the mouse, as well as a transparent Mazer logo on the back, allowing for a bit of LED backlighting.


The right side of the mouse bulges outward, further enhancing the ergonomics and giving you a good wide grip at the back, ideal for palm rest, but also a slimmer front that can be used for fingertip or claw grip play styles.


While most of the mouse is made from glossy black plastics, the top panel that forms the left and right mouse buttons is a soft touch matte finish, giving extra grip to the Type-R. Both buttons are scooped at the front too, helping provide even more grip and control. In the middle, there’s a heavily recessed scroll wheel, with a soft rubber grip coating. Behind that, a small DPI toggle button, allowing you to cycle through the available profiles.


Overall the mouse is quite lightweight, so it does glide quite well on the four slipmats on the base. Even with both batteries installed, it’s not overly heavy, and should feel less wearing to use for long periods of time. To help conserve battery, you’ll find a master power control the base, it has an off, on and on with lighting option.


Powering up the mouse, we’re treated to a rather nice LED display, with some broken up lighting effects down the sides of the mouse, as well as that aggressive looking logo on the back. It’s not in your face, or overly bright, but it adds some nice visual flair overall.


Wireless mice aren’t known for their gaming prowess, but the comfortable grip and the responsive switches of this mouse go a long way to making it an enjoyable experience. At this price range, the sensor isn’t going to be anything revolutionary, but it feels accurate enough, tracks well and help up just fine to a couple of hours in Fallout 4 and a few games of League of Legends.


As I predicted from playing a few games, the sensor performance is very good overall. At low DPI, it’s silky smooth and exhibits virtually no jitter. There is a very small bit of angle snapping when moving the mouse at slow speeds, but it’s minor enough that you’re unlikely to notice outside of specific tests. The lift off height seems no more than 2mm, and we didn’t have any issues with signal loss or lag either, so certainly happy with the performance so far.

eblue type-r wireless 500 eblue type-r wireless 1000 eblue type-r wireless 1800

Even at maximum DPI, this is still a very good result and there’s only a tiny bit of jitter creeping in. There’s still some small instances of angle snapping, but they’re still small enough to be of little concern at this price range.

eblue type-r wireless 2500


Final Thoughts


E-Blue Mazer Type-R Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse will soon be available online and at many high street retailers with an MRSP of just £27. This is great value for money, given the build quality, features and overall design of the mouse, making it a competitive solution for anyone looking for a wireless mouse for work and gaming.


I was prepared to not like this mouse, not that I mean any offence to E-Blue, but when you hear “budget friendly wireless mouse”, you don’t exactly expect great performance, but I was clearly proven wrong on that one. Wireless technology still isn’t the best choice for competitive gaming, as there’s a very small increase in input delay that wouldn’t swing well with the eSports crowd. However, many stay-at-home gamers simply won’t notice that difference and even more so, they won’t care. The advantages of wireless peripherals are clear, no wires, much more manoeuvrability, easy to transport and store, so it can be less about performance and more about practicality and preference.

The Avago sensor delivers great performance for this price range. It’s not pixel-perfect, with a little angle snapping creeping in, although you have to look closely to notice it, but it’s still punching above its weight for the price range. The switch performance is pretty decent too, they’re light, responsive and have a nice tactile feedback that’s as good for gaming as it is for day-to-day work. If I could improve anything, though, it would be the mouse wheel, it feels a little light and has a bit of horizontal wobble, but it’s not too bad or a deal breaker.

It’s nice that E-Blue included some batteries to get you started, although they’re quite cheap ones so be prepared to upgrade them when you get the chance. The mouse doesn’t have a recharge circuit either, so if you do want rechargeable batteries, remember to pick up some that come with their own charger. I do like that there’s a master power switch on the base, allowing you to completely turn the mouse off, or even just disable the lights to save power. Although I quite like the lighting, so I’d be happy to have that on at the cost of a little battery life.


  • Stylish design
  • LED lighting
  • Master power switch
  • Good sensor performance
  • Nice ergonomics
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Batteries included


  • Slight angle snapping on sensor
  • Scroll wheel could be improved


  • Wireless isn’t ideal for eSports gaming, but that doesn’t mean many people won’t prefer wireless for other reasons

“The E-Blue Mazer Type-R offers great performance, style and ergonomics at a very competitive price. It’s sure to make a well-rounded addition to your desktop setup for work and gaming”

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