Don’t Count on GTA V for PC and Next Gen Any Time Soon

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New rumours are starting to appear that we shouldn’t expect to play GTA V on our PC, Xbox One or Playstation 4 during the Christmas holidays as many had hoped for. Some point towards a 2015 release date while other suggest the project has been completely cancelled.

There are a lot of conflicting information at the moment, and in a way it seems unlikely that it would be cancelled after all the extra effort they put into the PC specific features. The lack of their presence at this years Gamescon on the other hand shows that something could be fishy in the Rockstar pond.

Users have let their rage over this out over at 4chan and their user-base has hacked the Rantic website leaving a message that reads “Dear Rockstar, Hacked by 4chan, Give us our GT5 for PC”. Rantic is a PR company and it’s founder who currently is  known as Brad is also an Rockstar North employee. Brad had shared concerns about the current state of the game on the Rantic website and the chairman backed up the rumours in an interview, saying they (Rockstar) never wanted to create a PC version and only did so due to their customers pressure.

It’s yet to be seen if we get our GTA V on PC and next gen consoles or not, but for now the user-base from 4chan has sent a solid signal to Rockstar. They want it, and they are willing to fight for it. I’m sure Rockstar will be forced to come with some sort of public statement now, something they usually don’t do at all.

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