Discrete GPU Market Has A Strong Future Says Nvidia

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It doesn’t take rocket scientist to know that graphics solution have been getting increasing more powerful each year and it doesn’t matter if your gaming on a high-end laptop, or a custom-built desktop, chances your system has a discrete GPU of some sort that will be powering the visual side of what you’re doing.

PC Sales may have taken a dip over the last few years, something that has been of big concern to many manufacturers and retailers, but that hasn’t slowed progress one bit as companies like Nvidia look to spark some new life into the industry and to a certain extent it has been working. With big hitters such as Crysis 3, Metro Last Night and countless other AAA titles that are pushing well beyond anything before them in terms of graphics and performance, the PC has become a rich gaming experience once again and it’s starting to get the attention of gamers around the world.

“Meanwhile, PC is really one of the most important gaming platforms today; it is one of the most important gaming platforms because it is open. If you were developing free to play games, the PC is really a terrific platform to them, there are many markets outside the United States, where the game console are just not as popular. For example China, South Korea,  many of the regions outside of the United States, particularly Asia, which happens to be the fastest growing markets for us, the PC is really the preferred gaming platform and we are seeing a lot of growth there,” said Mr. Csongor, VP of Nvidia.

“There are a lot of productivity [applications where] the keyboard is important and large storage is important and a mouse is important and large display is important. So for a lot of us the PC continues to be very important and those are not being disrupted really,” he continued, when speaking about the developments and advancements of mobile platforms, there is still after all a big need for desktop hardware, something that often seems forgotten when people say “the desktop is dead”, because that simply isn’t true.

AMD and Nvidia are both set to release their next-gen graphics solutions and lets not forget the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft that will help push PC graphics even further given that developers most often develop for the lowest common denominator, meaning current gen consoles are holding PC graphics back on multi-platform titles.

With GPU’s now being used in applications around the world for gaming, multimedia, scientific applications and even in servers its no wonder Nvidia have seen growth in sales over the last 4-5 years, even while the market for computers has slowly decreased.


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  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    Yes, they have!!
    Plus, how can anyone forget about the role they play in bitcoin mining??

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