Developer Creates Web Browser for Apple Watch

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Comex, the brains behind JailBreakMe and a former Apple Intern, has worked out a way to hack the Apple watch to get a web browser to run on the device.

Comex has posted a short video demonstrating how he has been able to get the Google home page to render on the wrist-bound device. Apple, for obvious reasons, has not added Safari onto the device. The video does make it clear that navigating pages on such a tiny screen is near impossible.

More importantly though, the video lets us know that it is possible to get the apple watch to run 3rd party code and possible the first step to a full jailbreak? Comex has made no promises to release the details of the hack.

The fact that it brings up the copy|define option when he touches the screen gives an amusing insight into the OS on the apple watch. Currently running Watch OS 1.0 which is a version of the popular IOS 8.2 with a custom front layer to make it show the devices UI called Carousel.

Comex also shows the watch presenting the dictionary view on his Twitter feed.

Apple have stated that a native SDK is in the works, which will allow the rest of the development community to create more apps for the watch.

Thank you to 9to5mac for providing us with this information

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