DeepCool Launches GamerStorm TriStellar ITX Chassis

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DeepCool TriStellar 1

Last week CyberPowerPC released their Trinity Gaming Desktop in various configurations and we could read some comments that a lot of users would love this chassis if they could fill it with their own components instead of buying a pre-built system. Not to worry, that is just what you can do now as DeepCool Launched the GamerStorm TriStellar ITX chassis.

DeepCool TriStellar 3

It wasn’t everyone that like the chassis, but you can’t argue that it isn’t unique. The engine or blade-like design can hold a small form factor rig inside, but it isn’t so small on the outside. In fact, it will take up the same space as a normal square chassis with the same dimensions. What you get instead is a case that’s worth showing off and still fits all the basic components you need for both workstations and gaming systems.

DeepCool TriStellar 2

Most small form factor chassis can run into trouble with heat when you put many high-end components into it, but that shouldn’t be as much an issue with the TriStellar chassis. The three chambers effectively divide up all the parts and only keeps one high-heat creating item in each: PSU, CPU and Graphics card.

The interior is fully black and it can hold graphics cards up to 320mm length and with up to three slot covers in height. That’s enough for a Titan-Z graphics cards and a lot of others too.

DeepCool TriStellar 4

The chassis can hold a mITX motherboard and supports CPU coolers with a height of up to 80mm. There’s also support for AIO coolers with 120mm radiators as well as a standard ATX power supply.

Storage is pretty well covered too with a total of five drive trays with hot plugging SATA ports. You can have two 3.5-inch HDDs in the PSU chamber and three 2.5-inch SSDs or HDDs in the graphics card chamber. The front panel has two USB 3.0 ports and audio jacks for easy connection of peripherals.

DeepCool TriStellar 5

This certainly isn’t a chassis for everyone, but I could see it fitting well in a lot of situations where having something else than square black or beige box next to the desk could be of benefit. Designers, architects, customizers, and similar offices would stand a bit more out when customers come in with a chassis like DeepCool’s GamerStorm TriStellar ITX chassis.

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