DeepCool Launches Captain Series Liquid CPU Cooler

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DeepCool has just launched their newest liquid CPU cooler under its sub-brand Gamer Storm. The innovative and creative new cooler, the Captain, which is a name that I think is very fitting. This has to be one of the most unusual and beautiful approaches to AIO coolers I’ve seen so far. There will be three models with radiator sizes of 120, 240 and 360 mm.


The CPU block is a patented Separated Section design. It divides the pump and cold plate into two blocks and then connects the two by a transparent tube. This allows for a visible water flow that looks somewhat like a tiny nuclear reactor when coupled with the fin design at the top. The base is made from 100% pure copper and the radiators are precision-machined with high density fins (0.2 mm).


The included fans are 120 mm PWM silent fans that operate between 600 and 2200 RPM. The fans also have a unique detachable fan impeller design; this allows you to take the fan blades off to clean or lubricate them without having to remove the entire frame.


The Deepcool Captain comes with mounting kits for both AMD and Intel, including the new Intel LGA2011-V3 socket; it also looks like a fan hub and metal sticker is included.



All three new coolers use anti-evaporation tubes to minimize the loss of pre-filled coolant from the kit.



The new Deepcool Captain liquid CPU cooler should be available October 2014 with a MSRP of $79.99 for the 120 mm, $109.99 for the 240 mm and $139.99 for the 360 mm version.

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7 Comments on DeepCool Launches Captain Series Liquid CPU Cooler

  • Avatar mr2k9 says:

    wow that thing look sick!! best looking AIO ever hands down…

    • Avatar Catalyzer says:

      You should take a look at Raijintek Triton.
      It looks kinda better to me , and possibly looks the best too.
      Apart from that , Swiftech seems to be making the best AIO coolers now , but their failure rates and no of units RMA’ed are actually a concern.

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    They look very nice, reliable too I believe with zirconia bearings in the pump. I wonder if they’ll release other colours as well.

  • Avatar Jeppe Carlsen says:

    Hmm, wish it was available as part of a custom loop instead of AIO solution..

  • Avatar Weston Konik says:

    i was going to get an EVGA ACX 120mm air cooler ($45) but seeing this makes me kind of want to spring for an AIO….. My only concern is pump failure. the $79 price tag is doable for my budget, and seeing as how the pump is further separated from the block, that could be enough to ease my pump failure nightmare.

  • love the triple fans on rad, nice ! 🙂

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