Deepcool DQ750 Quanta Semi-Modular Power Supply Review

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A Closer Look – Interior

The OEM producer for Deepcool’s first consumer power supply line is CWT; Channel Well Technology. CWT are known for making cost-effective platforms which explains why they’ve featured in so many power supply products of late.

Deepcool_DQ750 (5)

The capacitor used for the primary side is not the best available but CapXon 85 degrees celsius rated units are still good quality. This hold up capacitor provides 390uF at 400 volts.

Deepcool_DQ750 (6)

For the secondary side we find some more CapXon filtering capacitors as well as a few 105 degrees celsius rated capacitors. The quality of the capacitors used is good but there is certainly room for improvement if Deepcool wanted to make a more premium performing unit.

Deepcool_DQ750 (7)

Two Y capacitors handle initial line filtering at the AC receptacle, further filtering is done on the main PCB once the current is passed down.

Deepcool_DQ750 (8)

The provided fan is made by YateLoon and is a 140mm unit. It features a blue LED and has a maximum rotational speed of 2000 RPM.

Deepcool_DQ750 (9)

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  • Avatar Rio Amaterasu says:

    want an honest review on this one.. no BS no marketing all real.. coz
    i’m planning on buying one of these but since other rated this as
    “china made” i’m kinda having doubts.. Please reply anyone?

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