Danish Supermarket Gets Cocaine Delivery Instead Of Bananas

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Colombia is very well known for its problems with drugs, particularly cocaine, yet it is also very well known for its large amount of banana exports, which Latin America as a whole is very famous for along with the Caribbean too.  Strangely though you’d never expect these two paths to really cross, legal food exports and illegal drug exports. For one Danish supermarket exactly that recently happened according to reports.

Staff at a Coop chain supermarket in Aarhus, Western Denmark, were surprised to find that their boxes of bananas were heavier than usual. It was only upon opening and inspecting them that they found out that the boxes were actually all rammed full of Cocaine, a hefty 220 lbs of it.

A coop spokesman said more bags of cocaine were found later in another shipment from Colombia in their central dispatch depot in the nation’s capital Copenhagen. Naturally the coop contacted their Columbian supplier to find out what was going on. The Danish police are currently investigating but no arrests have been made.

According to some sources 220 lbs of Cocaine, around 100 kg, has a street value of $2-10 million USD depending on its quality. Maybe next time Danish customs officials might be a bit more suspicious of those “bananas” coming from Colombia.

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1 Comment on Danish Supermarket Gets Cocaine Delivery Instead Of Bananas

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    Now why did they report it to the authorities… Doesn’t the co-op realise the value of good quality smack? It would’ve made them a hellava lot more money than flogging bananas. Lol

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