Damaged Robots Use Algorithm to Adapt and Keep Moving

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We all love robots, they’re awesome creatures that can do fantastic things in today’s, ever-developing world.

Well, now your little friend can take a hit and recover from the damage. It does make me wonder if there could be a doomsday scenario off that.However, it’s functionality that developers and researchers are working towards, rather than world domination.

The system works by using an algorithm before it is “deployed” to create a map of the different ways to behave and the value of each behaviour. Once a robot loses a limb it conducts a self-test to work out a new method of functioning without using that limb or part.

The team who have developed this new system have been led by Jean-Baptiste Mouret at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) in France. The main idea behind the scheme was to create less fragile robots by allowing them to adapt like an injured animal would, finding the best way to continue by adjusting the way they walk.

Having this sort of technology will be extremely useful in many fields, they could be used in space to visit other planets, asteroids and even other lifeforms! If it is damaged in transit or the landing it can recover, otherwise a multi-million-pound mission could be over. It could also be used in the military, deep sea cabling teams and even the medical industry.

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