Customer Sent Rare iPhone 6 Prototype by Mistake

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Love it or hate it, the iPhone 6 has been a big success for Apple. Sure there have been a few interesting (and somewhat amusing) hickups along the way, such as Bend Gate, but in reality there aren’t that many product launches that go without a hitch. One customer has suffered another mistake from Apple this week, although it looks like he may benefit from it more than Apple intended.


When eBay user “kimberlyk1018” renewed their Apple contract, they were accidentally sent a very rare Apple iPhone 6 prototype handset, which isn’t really worth anything to most people, but given the sheer number of Apple fanatics with deep pockets, this is a nifty collectors item and may even be of interest to those who want to tinker with the underlying hardware and software of the device.

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The phone doesn’t feature iOS8, but instead has a developer mode, there are no FCC markings and the lightening port is red. The customer who got sent this rare edition of the iPhone 6 put it straight on eBay rather than return it to apple. The model being sold appears to be the 64GB iPhone 6 and is currently fetching a staggering $61,100 (US), interested?

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What would you do if you got sent a prototype phone, contact Apple to give it back to them, or sell it for a quick profit?

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Thank you eBay for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of eBay.

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