CRYORIG Launches the C7 Ultra Compact CPU Cooler

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cryorig c7 compact cooler

CRYORIG is looking to expand its CPU cooler line with the release of the compact yet reliable C7 cooler. This particular product was unveiled initially during the Computex 2015 event, and it features a maximum height of 47mm. This makes it ideal for those of you who are planning to build compact rigs, as conventional aftermarket PC coolers usually require quite a bit more space by comparison. To put things in perspective, the C7 is just 2mm taller when compared to a stock Intel heatsink, which means that it will fit in pretty much any PC case without issues.

The C7 cooler includes four high-performance heat pipes complemented by a dedicated 92mm PWM fan that features CRYORIG’s proprietary Quad Air Inlet System. The fan runs at a maximum speed of 2500rpm and manages to deliver 20% less noise and 25% more cooling when compared to stock Intel or AMD solutions. Given these numbers, it’s quite obvious that this product was designed to be the best in its size category, and it probably is.

The CRYORIG C7 will be released in Japan, Taiwan, South-East Asia and the US this month while European clients will be able to get their hands on it in October. As far as pricing is concerned, this thing will cost $29.99 in the US and €29.99 (-VAT) in Europe.

Below you will find a complete list of its specifications.

  • Dimensions: L97 mm x W97 mm x H47mm
  • Weight: 357 g
  • Heatpipe: 6mm heatpipe x 4 units
  • Fin: T = 0.4 mm ; Gap = 1.2 mm
  • Fin Pcs: 57 pcs
  • Copper Base: C1100 Pure copper nickel plated
  • RAM Height Limit: Limitless
  • Compatibility: LGA1151 (Skylake)/115X/FM1FM2/+AM2/+AM3/+
  • TDP: 100W

Fan (Model:CR-9215)

  • Dimensions: L92 mm x W92 mm x H15 mm
  • Weight: 62 g
  • RPM: 600 ~ 2500 RPM ±10 %
  • Noise: 30.0 dBA
  • Airflow: 40.5 CFM
  • Air Pressure: 2.8 mmH2O
  • Ampere: 0.2 A

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