Cryorig H7 CPU Cooler Review

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I wasn’t expecting incredible performance from this cooler, it has great features, but it’s still pretty small at the end of the day. What is nice to see, is it’s a few degrees cooler than the Cryorig H5, it also sits comfortably between a couple of more expensive water coolers, such as the X31 and the CM 140XL, so it’s certainly respectable performance overall.

cryorig h7 stock temps

Noise levels on this cooler are about average, you can hear it, but not to the point where I would ever call it an issue. Not loud, but not whisper quiet either.

cryorig h7 stock acoustics

Now this was impressive, again, it’s not really that spectacular compared to some of the high-end water coolers, but it’s broke up that trilogy of be quiet! coolers, which is certainly something to be proud of given this coolers size. Again, we also see that it’s beaten out the Cryorig H5 in overclocking performance, as it did in stock performance.

cryorig h7 oc temps

Barely a creep in noise levels, although our charts round-up or down to the nearest whole digit, the recorded was 41.1dBa at stock and 41.5dBa overclocked; you’re likely to never notice it go louder at all and that’s very impressive, as it’s sitting only 0.5dBa above three very quiet be quiet! coolers.

cryorig h7 oc acoustics

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