Crucial M500 480GB SSD Review

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IOMeter is an I/O subsystem measurement and characterization tool for single and clustered systems. It is used as a benchmark and troubleshooting tool and is easily configured to replicate the behaviour of many popular applications. One commonly quoted measurement provided by the tool is IOPS.

IOMeter allows the configuration of disk parameters such as the ‘Maximum Disk Size’, ‘Starting Disk Sector’ and ‘# of Outstanding I/Os’. This allows a user to configure a test file upon which the ‘Access Specifications’ configure the I/O types to the file. Configurable items within the Access Specifications are:

  • Transfer Request Size
  • Percent Random/Sequential distribution.
  • Percent Read/Write Distribution
  • Aligned I/O’s.
  • Reply Size
  • TCP/IP status
  • Burstiness.

Most of the surprising results that i have seen up to this point with the M500 have all been on the write front, however that read side of things still has one little trick up its sleeve with IOPs. Topping out at juts over 85k, the read IOPs, as seen with the drives write speed, goes right past the specified levels, making this drive ideal for photo and video editing where high read IOPs give a leading edge in terms of performance.

The write IOPs are similarly impressive once again, also pushing right past the 80k mark that the M500 is rated to.

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