Crucial Ballistix Sport XT DDR3 1866MHz 16GB Memory Kit Review

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Micron are on of the biggest DRAM vendors in the industry and Crucial is one of their main brands through which they channel their DRAM products. Today we are looking at Crucial’s revamped Ballistix Sport line which now comes with the XT moniker. These Crucial Ballistix Sport XT DDR3 modules we have come in a variety of capacities and speeds which you can see here. The key things to note are that they are available in either 4GB or 8GB modules and can have either 1600MHz or 1866MHz clock speeds. We have with us today the best dual channel kit of the Ballistix Sport XT series, more specifically we have the BLS2K8G3D18ADS3 kit which uses two 8GB DIMMs running at 1866MHz, CL10 latencies and 1.5 volts.

The packaging is pretty plain and simple and indicates all the key details about the kit on the sticker. The packaging is clear so you can get a clear glimpse at the memory kit.

crucial_ballistix_sport_1866 (2)

The back is quite plain and tells you that this series is aimed at mainstream users and gamers. There is nothing included with this product other than the memory kit itself.

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5 Comments on Crucial Ballistix Sport XT DDR3 1866MHz 16GB Memory Kit Review

  • Avatar Dr. Moist says:

    BALLISTIX sport – its in the DIMM!
    Not used Crucial RAM for gaming/OC’ing – they don’t seem that bothered by it, 5/6 years ago when stock timings mattered they were always behind the rest so I never used em. Will continue to use them in servers and workstations as to date none of the modules have failed

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