Crucial Ballistix Sport XT 32GB 1866MHz Quad Channel DDR3 Memory Kit Review

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With the arrival of DDR4 it might be easy to forget that DDR3 is still the most popular memory choice for desktop PC platforms of mainstream and high-end varieties. Today we are taking a look at a quad channel memory kit from Crucial, a brand of Micron. We are looking at their Ballistix Sport XT kit but not the dual channel one we’ve reviewed before, today we are testing out the quad channel variety. The best platform to support quad channel is Intel’s X79 Ivy Bridge-E so that’s exactly what we will be using for these tests. Of course being a 4-pack, or quad channel kit, this could also be used with any Intel LGA 115X or AMD AM2/3(+)/FM2(+) system that has 4 DIMM Slots. However, we want to see what Crucial’s 32GB kit can offer for a high-end user, particularly as we have similar DDR4 results for the X99 platform to compare to.



Packaging and Accessories

We received this kit directly from Crucial so the packaging is fairly simple, it arrived in a plain white box sealed by a Ballistix sticker with the product info on.

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A Closer Look

Crucial’s Ballistix Sport XT modules aren’t the prettiest looking modules in the world but Crucial have made a decent effort. I think black PCBs would complete the overall package but once installed in a motherboard you barely notice….and on that note let’s see how they look installed in a variety of boards next!

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