Corsair Void Surround Hybrid Gaming Headset Review

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Final Thoughts


From taking it out of the box and testing it, we already knew that Corsair is onto a winning product here, but now is time for them to play their final card, the price. The Corsair Void Hybrid Surround is going to be priced at just £69.99, which makes a mockery in terms of performance of virtually everything else in this price range! To put the heat on the competition, Corsair is also launching with an introductory price of just £59.99 for the first two weeks. Put simply, at this price, if you buy any other headset for the same money, you must be crazy.


I think it’s safe to say that I’m a little bit in love with this headset. I knew if it was at least as good as the previous Void headsets, it would be walking away with my praise, but the fact that it beat my expectations just puts it on another level. To get this level of acoustic performance on a sub-£100 headset is just unreal and for Dolby processing that genuinely sounds great is a rare thing in this price category, so I’m more than a little puzzled as to how Corsair managed to achieve it.

When looking for a new headset, there are a lot of things on your checklist that you would no doubt like to see featured. Obviously, great acoustic performance should be the absolute number one. Heavy low-end bass capabilities, detailed mids and crystal-clear treble, all present and accounted for. The powerful maximum volume is certainly impressive, giving you as much thump as you want for all your movie, music and gaming needs.

While this is a “gaming” headset, it’s no better or worse at any one thing or the other. The powerful 50mm drivers, the easy to use EQ, the excellent Dolby processing and the clear microphone are all just as useful for a days work in the office, a night’s worth of gaming at home or an eSports tournament; it’s a solid all round performer at any task you need. Let’s not forget that it comes with the value for money bonus of being able to use it on multiple gaming devices and more, meaning you’ll only need a single headset for all your entertainment needs.

The build quality and design are superb, with incredibly comfortable padding on the headband and the ear cups. If I have one criticism it’s that I don’t see the red detailing being to everyone’s liking, but style is always a subjective thing and even if it was a different colour, that would still be true. Perhaps Corsair will launch other colours or an RGB equipped version in the future, anything is possible.


  • Class-leading sound quality
  • Dolby processing that actually works
  • Fully customisable EQ
  • Multi-format support
  • Very competitive price
  • Great quality microphone
  • Comfortable fit
  • Durable build quality
  • Powerful maximum volume


  • None


  • Black and red theme might not be idea for everyone

“Corsair is dominating the gaming headset market with their Void series. If there’s a better headset on the market right now for the same money or less, we haven’t heard it. Great build quality, audio performance and value for money are just some of the reasons you’ll want the Void Surround at the top of your shopping list.”

Corsair Void Surround Hybrid Stereo Gaming Headset Review

Corsair Void Surround Hybrid Gaming Headset Review

Thank you Corsair for providing us with this sample.

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