Corsair Reveal RM Series Of 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular PSUs

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Corsair have just unveiled their latest range of power supplies – the RM series. They will be made available in 450/550/650/750/850/1000W capacities with suggested retail pricing of $99.99/$109.99/$119.99/$129.99/$159.99/$199.99 respectively. The RM series is going to be fully modular and will come with 80 Plus Bronze Certification meaning up to 90/92% efficiency on 115v/230v respectively. corsair_rm1000_2

Corsair have equipped their zero RPM fan mode which allows the PSU to stay quiet unless under heavy load. The fan used appears to be the same SP120-L fan used on the Corsair H100i/H80i/H60 v2 CPU coolers. Corsair are claiming that there is full Haswell C6/C7 compatibility as well as full support for their Corsair Link technology with a digital bridge cable. This allows you to monitor the fan speed and +12 volt power delivery via Corsair’s software. The PSUs come with flat black modular cables but custom coloured individually sleeved cable kits are available to purchase separately for full customisation.

Corsair is making these PSUs available immediately and they are backed with a 5 year warranty. The OEM for the RM series is Chicony/Hipro. The RM series will replace Corsair’s TX series of PSUs.

For accurate pricing and availability please check the following links:

UK Pricing & Availability

U.S Pricing & Availability

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3 Comments on Corsair Reveal RM Series Of 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular PSUs

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    I’m not very familiar with that OEM. No doubt these’ll be pretty decent PSU’s

    • Avatar Caleb Stead says:

      Corsair? I love their products. My cpu cooler, RAM, and PSU are all made by corsair, and its all pretty amazing. Their psu’s are pretty popular now, especially for enthusiasts, and from what I hear, they have really good customer support. I can’t vouch for them in that area, because I’ve never had to contact them yet.

      • Avatar Skidmarks says:

        I think you misunderstood me. I’m very familiar with Corsair products but Corsair don’t make PSU’s, they contract certain PSU manufacturers to manufacture PSU’s on their behalf, they slap their sticker on the unit & carry the warranty. It’s a bit more complicated than that but I’m sure you get my drift. The actual manufacturer of the PSU in this instance is Chicony/Hipro. Although I’ve heard of them, I’m not familiar with them.
        I hope this clears things up a bit. 🙂

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