Corsair Respond to Community Feedback Over New Logo Design

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Corsair have been in a little bit of hot water this last week; they’ve only just launched their new Corsair Gaming brand name along side the launch of their stunning new Corsair RGB series of peripherals, but it looks like many people don’t like the new logo! It’s only a minor detail of course, but when you’re paying over £100 for an ultra high-end gaming keyboard, you want it to look right.

The new logo has been heavily debated on the bottom half of the internet, Reddit, forums and many other places, often referenced as the Corsair tramp stamp! Corsair have obviously been listening to this feedback and have responded in the best way they possibly could; they’re giving the fans what they want the most. Corsair released the following statement on their Facebook page to clear up the matter:

“We Hear You

As many of you know we launched our new Corsair Gaming line of peripherals this week. We’ve received a ton of feedback on the products and new logo. We are amazed and humbled by the passion our customers have for the original Corsair sails logo. The ship + sails are here to stay and will continue to be used on all Corsair PC component products.

However, we know many of you prefer the classic logo on our keyboards, and you’ve made your voices heard. For those of you looking for the new K70 RGB with the original sails logo, it’s currently available in North America from Newegg – just look for the SKU CH-9000063-NA. What’s more, as a direct result of your feedback, we will continue to sell and manufacture the Vengeance K70 and Vengeance K70 RGB with Cherry MX Red switches, with the sails logo, via select retailers and

Let’s keep talking!”

So there you have it, the sails will stay on the K70 for now, good to see a company listening to their fans, rather than just pushing the new branding on us until we accept it. It’s a trivial matter, but after the wave of backlash this last week; it clearly matters a lot to a lot of Corsair fans.

Which do you prefer, the old or the new?


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8 Comments on Corsair Respond to Community Feedback Over New Logo Design

  • Avatar harry1w says:

    I like the text of the new one, the logo is shocking.

    For the people who end up with a tramp stamp keyboard they should offer a little replacement badge to go over the old one.

  • Avatar Shane says:

    It looks like a logo you would find on a 13 year old’s Youtube channel.
    I really find it confusing why they would change one of the most professional brand logos out there.

  • Avatar Porkalicious says:

    Old one was MUUUUUUUUCH better, the new one only reminds me of a simplified and mirrored version of The Pirate Bay icon :/ Fail Corsair…. fail….

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    The font looks a lot better but that tribal emblem? It doesn’t really matter in the long run, the product will still sell and for good reason.

  • Avatar Colih says:

    I prefer the old logo. But I still feel the internet made way to much noise over this. And good on Corsair for listening.

  • Avatar Scott Kelly says:

    Old One.. The power of the wind has got to be more powerful than a Heart Wing Thingy.

  • Avatar 63Jax says:

    the old one, for sure!

  • Avatar Rendy says:

    Old one better, definietly 🙂

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