Corsair HX750i Fully Modular Platinum Power Supply Review

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The Corsair HX750i 750W Plus Platinum Digital Power Supply is available from most major retailers and Corsair stock is often in plentiful supply almost everywhere you look. You can pick this unit up from Overclockers in the UK for £126.95 while readers in the US can get it from NewEgg for $149.99. The price is about average for this rating, sitting between some units from SuperFlower and Seasonic in terms of price.


Another day, another review and another fantastic unit from Corsair. It’s easy to see why Corsair is a popular choice with system builders, they certainly tick a lot of boxes and as we saw with this unit today, the performance is superb. That’s not to say other manufacturers make junk units, but Corsair certainly have the goods to go head-to-head with anyone else out there.

Let’s start with the efficiency, this unit is right on the 80 Plus Platinum rating and that’s a great place to be, as it means this PSU will end up using less power than most, saving you a little bit of money on your electricity bill. It’s not going to pave your house with gold via the savings, but every little helps and it’s also a little more green by not burning up extra power for nothing. The high-efficiency is backed up by exceptional PFC and ripple suppression, meaning that you’ll have efficiency and squeaky clean power delivery throughout.

The use of high-quality components really shines through here. The soldering on the PCB is neat and tidy, components are well spaced and mounted neatly, the internal cables are thick and well shielded, all capacitors are high-quality and Japanese made, all of which adds up to a lot. The PSU runs cool, incredibly quiet and smoothly, without letting performance slip and that’s exactly what you want from virtually any bit of PC hardware.

The inclusion of Corsair Link, the fan testing button, zero RPM modes, all black flat-style and fully modular cables and a 7-year warranty are just icing on the cake, making this a perfect choice for anyone planning a high-end gaming system or workstation.


  • Fully modular cables
  • Seven-year warranty
  • Excellent ripple suppression
  • Zero RPM fan mode
  • Extremely quiet fan at full load
  • Fan-test button
  • Corsair Link
  • Switchable single/multiple 12v rail
  • Platinum efficiency
  • Tight voltage regulation


  • None

“The HX750i from Corsair is as good as you could expect a PSU to be and would make a fantastic addition to anyone system build. Highly recommended!”

Corsair HX750i Fully Modular Platinum Power Supply Review

Corsair HX750i Fully Modular Platinum Power Supply Review

Thank you Corsair for providing this review sample.

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