Corsair Graphite Series 780T Full Tower Chassis Review

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Final Thoughts


The Corsair Graphite 780T is available for pre-order from for £139.99 fo the black model, while the Yellow and White models are a little more at £144.95 each. The price is around the same as similar specification offerings from Cooler Master and NZXT, so while it is expensive, it is still competitive.


Corsair have really pushed the limits with the 780T; this chassis is absolutely gargantuan! Sure, it’s not quite as big as their revolutionary 900D Obsidian chassis but compared to your average full-tower, the 780T certainly stands out from the crowd in a very good way. Its bulky design does have some benefits, as there is an extensive amount of space on the interior for your components, a huge area for cable routing and plenty of elbow room to get in there and work on your system. The biggest graphics cards on the market will fit in here with ease, as will large power supplies and any other ultra high-end components that the enthusiast market love to play around with.

Those interested in water cooling will love the 780T. There’s space for up to four radiators and should you strip out the front hard drive bays, you can even manage two 360mm radiators, while still holding a 240mm in the bottom and a 140mm in the back. Air cooling is impressive too, with three high quality 140mm fans pre-installed, but extensive support for additional 120mm and 140mm throughout the chassis. Both air and water cooling can also reap the benefits of the large dust filtering panels on the top and front, as well as the two high quality slide-out dust filters on the base of the chassis. The included fan controller is another welcome bonus for cooling and while it’s not as advanced as most after market controllers, it’s more than enough for handing a few chassis fans.

Modular storage is a welcome feature for those who love to customise their builds. All of the storage bays are fully removable and very easy to work with; allowing you to free up more room for other components. The front drive bays do need to be removed to make room for front mounted radiators, but will also free up room for other additions such as pumps and reservoirs.

The chassis is rather unique in terms of design. Sure there is a lot of plastic on show, but it has been colour matched to the metal panels very well and the whole chassis has an uncompromising premium look and feel throughout. The aesthetics may be a little over the top for some, but I personally think that it looks superb. The side panels are another nice touch as they’re really easy to remove and lock firmly back into place with little effort; I personally find myself needing to access the interior of my rig on a weekly basis, so having a tool free side panel is a real time saver.


  • Wide range of motherboard support
  • Room for the biggest graphics cards on the market
  • Extensive air and water cooling support
  • Vast amounts of cable routing space
  • Fully modular storage
  • Comprehensive set of air filters
  • Built-in fan controller
  • Tool-free side panels
  • Unique design
  • Huge side panel window


  • Bottom PSU cable routing cut-out doesn’t have grommets


  • The price tag is quite high, but you do get a lot for your money

“The chassis is expensive, but in terms of features and build quality, you really do get what you pay for. If you’re looking to build an ultra-high end gaming rig, then it’ll be right at home in the Graphite 780T.”


Corsair Graphite Series 780T Full Tower Chassis Review

Thank you Corsair for providing us with this sample.

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2 Comments on Corsair Graphite Series 780T Full Tower Chassis Review

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    It looks like a very nice chassis albeit a little on the expensive side. I’m also not swayed by the inclusion of a fan controller or USB 2.0 ports either. In my opinion they could’ve left these out altogether, shoved in two more USB 3.0 ports and maybe knocked a bit more off the price but hey, people stuffing circa 2006 parts into this 2014 case could find they come in handy.

  • Avatar Matthew Humpherson says:

    Still can’t beat my phanteks enthoo primo that I got for £135 new from Scan. Never seen it that low before or since was a real bargain considering the features and build quality. For the price it looks like they have used way too much plastic on this.

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