Corsair Gaming K70 Rapidfire RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

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Final Thoughts


The Corsair Gaming K70 Rapidfire RGB will be available from most retailers from today, and we’ll update you with links as soon as we have them. Prices are expected to be £149.99 for the full-size RGB edition, and the TKL-size K65 RGB will be just £119.99. There will also be a non-RGB release of the K70, which is also £119.99.


It’s getting harder and harder to innovate in the keyboard market, as the overall shape and key layout is all but set in stone and has been for a very long time. However, Corsair has really pushed the boat out on their latest keyboard to bring something new, albeit to one of their most enduring designs. The K70 has seen many iterations over the years and while Corsair keeps making something new year after year, it seems consumers just can’t get enough of the single piece aluminium body and stylish aesthetics this one has to offer, and we have to agree, it’s easily one of our all-time favourite designs and I would bet we’ll still be seeing new versions of it in a few years time; no complaints here.

If you’ve every used the K70, any of them, in the past, then you pretty much know what to expect on this one. It’s great to see Corsair listening to their customers and bringing back little additions such as the USB passthrough, as well as the BIOS compatibility switch, as these features add extra value for money on what is obviously a fairly expensive product. Other little changes are most welcome too, such as the much larger and clearer font on the redesigned keycaps, as it really brings out more light from the RGB switches, and that’s great for customisation.

The big change is obviously the new switches, and with Corsair working closely with Cherry to develop them, it’s clearly an important product for both parties. I would like to say the switches are better, which in a way I think they are, but the real word I need here is that they’re different. You can go from one mechanical keyboard to the next, try all the switches you want, it’s about what feels right to you that matters. Is the actuation distance shorter, the force light and the response time quicker on these switches? Yes, and if that’s what you’re after, the latest switches from Cherry will offer you what you desire. They’re going to be a big winner for competitive gaming.


  • Aluminium chassis
  • Redesigned key caps
  • New MX Speed switches
  • USB Passthrough
  • BIOS Switch
  • RGB lighting
  • Detachable wrist rest
  • Durable braided cable
  • Iconic K70 design


  • The larger keys (space, enter, shift, etc) are a little noisy when struck
  • Detachable cable would be preferable
Corsair Gaming K70 Rapidfire RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Corsair Gaming K70 Rapidfire RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Thank you Corsair for providing us with this sample.

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  • Avatar Lewis Shepherd says:

    Unfortunately you didn’t comment at all if this keyboard uses the updated STRAFE controller for 16.8million colours or not.

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