Coolermaster HAF Stacker 935, 315R & 315F Modular Chassis Review

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A Closer Look – Complete System

The total build time for what we have here was around 40 minutes, a little longer than normal but that is to be expected given the size, weight and complexity of such a chassis, not to mention that fact that I’ve installed not one, but two full systems within it.

As you can see there is a fully functional and independent mini-ITX gaming system in the top section, the mid section is empty and there is a water cooled gaming system in the lower section.


As a full tower this is actually rather awesome, cable routing is great, there is loads of room for large graphics cards, long power supplies, the hard drive bays are fully modular and everything else you could want from a high performance case. The big advantage is that you can extent the system up or down into more cases should you need more storage space, more cooling components or even more power supplies.


The 140mm Cooler Master Nepton fit with ease in the rear of the case, and I certainly found its tool free installation process easy to work with here.


The mini-ITX gaming rig at the top features a 3.5″ hard drive on the vertical mount, a 5.25″ optical drive in the front, a modular PSU in the front and the GTX 560Ti. Still loads of room here for a long graphics card, although that much is obvious and I’ve never seen a mini-ITX case that was as long as this, so even extra power supplies would fit with ease and still cause no issues for the biggest graphics cards on the market.


Overall this is an absolutely ridiculous setup, complete overkill for the systems I’ve installed, but it wasn’t my intention to blow minds with my system building skills, but rather look at what sort of things could be constructed using the HAF Stacker.


Taking things down a peg I’ve removed the mid section, which obviously could have been used to store water cooling radiators and hard drives to feed both the top and bottom gaming rigs.


Or you could just cut it down further and use the main section as a rather tasty looking full tower, looks pretty great on its own don’t you think?


And the advantage there means I’ve still got two cases to join together, keeping in mind that I need the 915F here as the 915R that came with the 935 doesn’t have a front IO panel or power switch of its own. There aren’t many mini-ITX setups with this many fan mounts, that’s for certain.


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