Coolermaster HAF Stacker 935, 315R & 315F Modular Chassis Review

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A Closer Look – Stacked

This is the part I’ve been really looking forward to, finally showing you how all these wonderful cases can be configured and even though I have three at my disposal, I’m really only scratching the surface of what is possible here. As you can see we have the 915F and the full tower stacked below, this is the “standard” configuration that the 935 comes in out of the box.


Same setup again from a different angle.


Why have two when you can have three! Here you can use the extra two for storage and / or extra radiator space for the full tower, or you could save floor space by having all your LAN rigs in one stack. Perhaps a high-end rendering rig, a low powered mini-ITX work station and the other as your NAS box.


Again these three cases can be stacked in any order, two mini-ITX on the bottom, one mini-ITX and the bottom and the other at the top, it’s really up to you and without any components installed it only takes a few easy to remove screws and a very easy to use slide lock rail to move each case around.


Here you can see I’ve stripped them back, showing the removable top panel, the slide rails on the bottom of the mini-ITX 915F and the removable legs, it’s pretty much a giant Lego set, the possibilities are as crazy as you want them to be.


Around the back you’ve got more inputs and out-outs than I know what to do with, it looks more like an evil lords lair than the back of a computer.


Top down view of the almost 5ft tall behemoth that we created.


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