Coolermaster HAF Stacker 935, 315R & 315F Modular Chassis Review

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A Closer Look – 915F Exterior

The 915F looks pretty similar to the 915R overall, it features the same extensive fan mounting option on the left side panel, so room for another 2 x 140mm fans, 3 x 120mm fans or up to a 120 / 240 / 280 / 360mm radiator.


And the same again on the right for some extreme cooling possibilities and impressive airflow through its filtered side panels.


One of the major differences is that the 915F has a front IO panel, with power, HD audio and 2 x USB 3.0 ports, the 915R features no front panel inputs and outputs. There is still a 5.25″ drive bay and more ventilation below that for any front mounted cooling.


Around the back you’ll find a 120mm fan is pre-installed, a cut-out for a mini-ITX motherboard, two expansion slots with ventilated covers and a PSU cable pass through, essential given that the PSU is front mounted in this section of chassis.


The top panel is also heavily ventilated just like the other two cases, and features another removable top panel, this case can be put at the top, bottom or middle of the stack just like the other cases can.


The base features more water / cable routing spaces, as well as a filtered PSU air intake. As you can see the’re are also a range of key-hole cut-outs that can be used to mount extra hard drives on the interior of the chassis, as well as more screw holes like we saw in the other mini-ITX chassis for mounting extra hard drive bays. The legs are pre-installed here, but again these can be removed to allow the case to be slotted on top of any other HAF Stack chassis.


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