Coolermaster HAF Stacker 935, 315R & 315F Modular Chassis Review

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A Closer Look – 915R Exterior

The 915R can be bought on its own, but comes bundled with the full tower in the 935 box. The left side is racked with ventilation that is ideal for 2 x 140mm fans, 3 x 120mm fans or of course you could install up to a 120 / 240 / 280 / 360mm radiator.


Not content with the epic cooling space on the left side? Then rejoice, because you’ve got the same again down the right hand side.


The front panel has room for a single 5.25″ drive and a small air intake below the for the front mounted fan.


Around the back you’ll find a pretty standard mini-ITX layout, with the PSU at the top, motherboard IO at the bottom and a pair of expansion slots that are ideal for a dual socket GPU or similar device.


The top panel is also heavily ventilated and features an easy to remove cover which can be transferred to the full tower chassis dependant on which one of the chassis you choose to be at the top of the stack.


At the bottom you’ll notice a large rubber grommet as well as four smaller cut outs, perfect for routing cables and water cooling components. There are four screws to the right that hold the hard drive bays in place, but eight more holes accross the whole chassis allow you to mount two more hard drive bays in the mini-itx chassis, after all no one said you had to put a motherboard in here, you can just use it for massive amounts of storage and cooling for your full tower!


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