Coolermaster HAF Stacker 935, 315R & 315F Modular Chassis Review

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Final Thoughts


Let’s be honest here, there is nothing budget friendly about this chassis, it’s big and expensive and there isn’t much you can do about that. Of course we have to look at what you get for your money overall, given that something like the 900D will set you back close to £300, when you can pick up this modulartastic madness from Cooler Master much cheaper (relatively speaking). The HAF Stacker 935 is £149.92 from and this gets you the full tower bundled with a 915R, pretty good value for money, the case only gets crazy expensive when you start adding more sections to it. The HAF Stacker 915F is £62.38 from and the HAF Stacker 915R £61.09 from The full setup we had here today would set you back around £212.30, which isn’t bad when you think that you’re getting a three products with seemingly endless possibilities. In the US you can pick up the HAF Stacker from; $169.99 for the HAF 935, $86.09 for the 915R and finally $69.99 for the 915F.


Where do I even start with this chassis, it just has so much to offer! Let’s get a few things out of the way that I didn’t like and maybe we can move forward from there. I love the modular design and it’s great that there are so many cable routing holes between the chassis to hook things up, but the top of each chassis is more open than the base of each chassis. The little cable routing holes for hard drives could have been a little bigger in my opinion, they don’t need to be, but it certainly couldn’t hurt. The air filters are tricky to get at, obviously you can remove panels and other bits, but cleaning side air filters when you have radiators installed is likely going to involve removing the radiator, obviously not ideal. That’s really all I didn’t like, even then I’m clutching at straws.

I love this case, or should I say cases. The ideals that have run through my head that I’d like to do with this case are just too awesome. At first glance the case looks and feels completely impractical and I’ll admit that for most people, that much is true. However, when you put your mind to it there are so many great ideas that can save you money and space. First of all I have my full tower chassis next to my desk, my girlfriends rig and desk are next to mine, so I could put my full tower system in the lower section and her mini-ITX system in the 915F, stack them and that way our rigs take up half the floor space they currently do. LAN gaming events can benefit from this too, not only because the mini-ITX chassis are capable of holding some extreme systems of their own, but gaming teams can stack all their rigs together, again saving space.

You can have your mining rig, gaming system and NAS all in one stack, you can bridge the PSU’s from each case to power one epic system, stack hard drives in one and turn it into a server, or just use the extra space for some very fancy water cooling loops, it’s really endless and the only limits will be your imagination and the seemingly huge budget you’ll need to do this case justice.


  • Modular design means the case can be as big or as small as you need
  • Completely modular storage bays can be mixed between cases
  • Extensive water and cable routing options inside each case and between each case
  • Sliding rails and a couple of screws means changing them around is super easy
  • Extensive range fan and radiator mounts
  • The sky is the limit, you can stack as many as you like
  • Competitive price when compared with similar specification products from rivals such as Corsair


  • Large size and high price may put off many


  • It’s completely and utterly crazy, but that’s why we love it

“Cooler Master have proven that they’re one of the top manufacturers in the business time and time again and while their Cosmos II still holds as one of the greatest chassis ever made, even that beast can’t hold a candle to what the HAF Stacker is capable of.”


Coolermaster HAF Stacker 935, 315R & 315F Modular Chassis Review

Thank you Cooler Master for providing us with this sample.

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