Coolermaster Centurion 6 Chassis Review

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I have something very special in the office today, the Cooler Master Centurion 6 chassis and it’s special in my eyes for several reasons. Firstly I’m pleased to see it in the office since I last saw it in Las Vegas at International CES where the Centurion product range was launched. It’s also a new Cooler Master product and I’ve grown to be quite the fan of their chassis’ over the last couple of years due to their high build quality and unfaltering practicality, such as we’ve seen with the Scout and HAF range of chassis from both Cooler Master and their CM Storm divisions.

The most important reason however is the audience it’s marketed at, given the fame and attention that goes towards the high performance and extreme styled gaming cases it’s easy to wash over the mid range of the market, yet this is the most important sector of the chassis industry, at least in my opinion. While I’m sure many of you would love a Cosmos II chassis, the budget requirements alone rule that out for many consumers, what we do want is a chassis that doesn’t cost a huge pile of money, but still packs the reliability, build quality and features that we all require on a daily basis from our systems.

Priced at around £80 the Centurion 6 isn’t the cheapest chassis on the market, so one would expect a good level of performance, build quality and a sturdy feature set. As you can see from the spec sheet below, the Centurion 6 doesn’t disappoint on features and as far as quality goes, Cooler Master have a solid track record that I’m hoping the Centurion 6 will live up to.


Packaging was nothing fancy here, although that could be in part due to the fact this sample came in a non retail box.


I did however find everything you would expect it to come with at retail, this included some clip-on hard drive rails, an instruction booklet and the usual assortment of screws, cables ties and motherboard stand-offs.


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