Cooler Master Announces the Quick Fire Rapid-i Keyboard

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Cooler Master has announced the much awaited Quick Fire Rapid-i, a backlit mechanical keyboard full of features, having unique lighting effects in a small tenkeyless form factor.

The keyboard is powered by a 32-bit ARM processor, incorporating 5 lighting modes and 5 brightness modes inside its Rapid-i’s ActiveLife Technology, contributing to the pristine aesthetics of the Quick Fire Rapid-i. Furthermore, the keyboard also permits the backlighting to brightly illuminate after each keystroke and fade softly after releasing the key and moving on to the next one.

The company also states that due to the Rapid-i’s 32-bit ARM processor, they will be able to add more features such as the above in future updates to further improve the user experience with a variety of operating features. The Quick Fire Rapid-i also features a soft-touch rubberized coating, giving it a smooth and clean aesthetic, along with laser-marked keycaps and non-glossy matte finish.


In terms of gaming features, the keyboard features a response time of 1ms along with Cherry MX Switches, providing gamers with the necessary consistency to be able to respond swiftly when engaged in their gaming sessions. Along with the N Key Rollover, gamers will be able to use as many keys as needed simultaneously to perform their in-game actions. There is also multimedia shortcuts support, allowing users to control media applications with ease.

Cooler Master also added support for transporting the keyboard if needed, by simply removing the included USB cable and storing it with ease. Along with the keyboard’s ergonomic size and super-slim body, it makes transporting it an easy and fast process than normal mechanical keyboards.

The company has suggested a recommended price of €99 euro for the Quick Fire Rapid-i keyboard, though price and availability might vary depending on region.

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2 Comments on Cooler Master Announces the Quick Fire Rapid-i Keyboard

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    If memory serves correctly they announced this model a while back.
    It gets my goat that a person goes out, drops a pile of dosh on a good fancy mech keyboard and an expensive gaming mouse then buys a game they’ve been eyeing up so they buy that too only to find it’s some crappy lazy console port that’s more suited to a damn console controller. Where’s the sense in that?

  • Avatar mr2k9 says:

    I’m waiting for the side printed version of it… where is it CM Storm?

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