Computex: Corsair Display Complete Hydro Series Lineup

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Corsair’s Hydro Series is renowned throughout the industry for offering excellent performance at a wide range of price points and at Computex 2013 Corsair were showing the whole series. We will take this as an opportunity to invite you read our reviews of some of these products:

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Corsair Hydro series they are closed loop all in one liquid CPU coolers based on Asetek and CoolIT base designs.

The Corsair H60, H80i and H100i are all formed from the CoolIT OEM design and use Corsair SP120-derived 120mm fans

The Corsair H55, H90 and H110 are all formed from the Asetek OEM design and use relatively stock plain OEM fans. The H90 and H110 are based on 140mm fan options while the H55, H60, H100i and H80i are all based on 120mm fans. We do also have a Corsair H80i review coming soon too so stay tuned for that.

It is worth nothing that despite the products not changing since their release last year most of them have been revised to include PWM fans where there were 3 pin fans and the H100i has had the notorious fan rattling problem fixed with continuous firmware updates. Not to mention there have been many other firmware and software updates for the pump units and Corsair Link system to constantly improve these units.

Stay tuned to eTeknix for more Computex coverage in our Computex section.

Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex

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